Clash of Clans Guide and Tips for Engineered Bases

Engineered bases are a huge deal in wars in Clash of Clans. Engineered bases are villages such as Town Hall 8.5 and 9.5 that aren’t fully developed into their Town Hall. In the article today, I’ll be giving a guide and tips to engineered bases!

Clash of Clans Engineered Base Guide and Tips

What is an Engineered Base?

An engineered base is any base that doesn’t build or upgrade all of their defenses or buildings in order to become weighted differently in war. During a clan war, each player receives a weight based on their upgrades, on defense and offense.

If your defense is lacking, then you will be set up lighter for your base and thus face an easier clan. However, if your offensive cards are completely maxed, then you will be able to destroy lots of your opponents bases with ease.

To sum all of this up, you basically want to focus on offense a lot more than defense. This means getting your troops, heroes, army camps, and spell factories well leveled up before you upgrade defenses. Walls are the best defense to upgrade.

Engineered Base Examples

Here is an example of an engineered base, this one being TH 8.5. As you can tell by the pictures, :)’s base has TH8 level defenses, yet he has TH9 and level 10 walls.

Clash of Clans Engineered Base TH8.5

However, despite his base being very weak, he makes up for it big time with his troops and spells! He has completely maxed troops and spells for a Town Hall 9, except of course heroes.

Clash of Clans Engineered Base TH8.5This is exactly what a good engineered base should appear as. It features strong offenses with “weak” defense.

How to Build an Engineered Base

Building an engineered base is actually pretty easy. First off, you want to go to a new Town Hall and basically not upgrade anything with gold apart from walls. Second, start upgrading your army and all elixir costing buildings quickly. This will put you right on the scale to become a solid engineered base for the future.

That’s all I’ve got today on engineered bases in Clash of Clans! Thanks a ton for reading and I hope this helped you in your path to dominate engineered bases and clan wars!

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