Town Hall 9.5 Guide and Upgrade List

Ever wonder what a Town Hall 9.5 is? This is a second article to our summary of Town Hall 8.5. While they are both similar, they both have unique qualities.

Introduction to Town Hall 9.5

So Town Hall 9.5 is very similar to Town Hall 8.5 in regard to the set up of it all. While at TH 8.5 you won’t have X-Bows, you will at Town Hall 9.5! Just don’t buy Inferno Towers!!!! These are the only things you should buy:

  • New Walls
  • New Traps
  • New Mines/Collectors.

These don’t impact a war matchup too much and they are important to a Town Hall 10. They aren’t gonna impact your war standing too much. Don’t buy any of your new defenses either, just walls, traps, and mines/collectors.

How to use Town Hall 9.5

Basically, TH 9.5 is used to make war matches easier. By not building any of your new buildings, you will get easier matches, but you will be better than a Town Hall 9 at attacking due to your troops being at TH10 level.

You shouldn’t buy any new buildings besides the ones mentioned already, but you should upgrade your preexisting ones and your heroes. You should have the amount of buildings that a Town Hall 9 has, but the level of buildings of a Town Hall 10. This means still have 6 archer towers, but making them all level 13. Upgrading troops are the most important thing will becoming a Town Hall 9.5; you need to have a TH9 base with upgraded defense, but TH10 troops.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9.5

Upgrade Order for Town Hall 9.5

So you don’t need to buy anymore defenses once you get Town Hall 10, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an upgrade list. Remember, the key to being a TH 8.5 is upgrading your already built structures. Here’s my ideal upgrade list:

1. First you should build the few structures that you are supposed to build; your new traps, walls, and collectors and get them upgrade to your already occurring level.

2. Next up should be your laboratory to 8. You need to start pumping out the Town Hall 10 troops and fully maxed troops to help your clan in war.

3. Begin to upgrade Clan Castle and army camps. This will again help you attack better in war. Remember, the whole idea behind TH 9.5 is having a Town Hall 10 attacking ability, but being counted as a Town Hall 8 in war matching. That 240 troop space will help you out.

4. Start upgrading the all of your defenses. I would start with teslas, since those don’t seem to count as much in war matchmaking, then cannons/archer towers.

If you follow all of these guidelines, being a Town Hall 9.5 can make the difference in a war. If you are serious war player at Town Hall 9 consider becoming an 9.5 instead of a 10! Thanks for reading guys!

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16 thoughts on “Town Hall 9.5 Guide and Upgrade List

  1. That’s my ranking (taken from recent guides):
    Phase 1
    1. Laboratory, Clancastle, Spellfactory (good thing is you will have ressources for all of it if you the th10 upgrade time to farm)
    2. Army camps, dark barrack (for Bowlers), normal barrack
    3. Traps (air traps first, Tesla next, bombs and springtraps last) – already some walls to lvl11 if possible
    4. Collectors,
    Phase 2
    5. Upgrade AQ to 35
    6. New defense buildings to th9 Levels (incl. xbow, excl. Inferno). Air defense is allowed to be upgraded to TH10 already.
    7. Upgrade AQ to 40, max out all defenses (archer tower > cannon > wiz tower > bomb tower > mortar > sweeper > xbow), THEN build first Inferno lvl 1
    7. Upgrade King to 35, upgrade Inferno to lvl 2
    8. Upgrade King to 40, upgrade Inferno to lvl 3

    During all time, keep your laboratory running. More important than any upgrade.


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  5. how come having lvl13 archer towers and other upgraded defences doesnt increase the weight of the base, even if they arent the new defences?


    • Actually spell factory gets u n additional spell while attacking so yes. But both can be done simultaneously if well planned


  6. I think its gonna help a lot! I love war and clash!! I am a th 9 and a th 8! I also have 3 th 4 accounts to. I was wondering will it work for lower th then just th 8 and 9? Will it work for th 5,6,7


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