Clash Royale Best Log Decks for ALL Arenas!

The log is definitely one of the most interesting cards in Clash Royale, which means that you need the best log decks to do well in whatever arena you are in! These are my favorite log decks to use right now in Clash Royale and if you are fortunate to get the log out of a chest, you should definitely try out one of the following decks!

Best Clash Royale Log Royal Giant Deck

Clash Royale Best Log Royal Giant Deck

This best log deck features the royal giant, which honestly is the best card to use the log with. The whole strategy behind this is to pull the royal giant down so it shoots the tower, followed up with some backup troops and the log. Especially when your opponent counters with barbarians, this strategy works great! The elixir collector is meant to afford the expensive cards like the minion horde and royal giant. If you can, a mini-P.E.K.K.A. on the tower isn’t too bad!

Best Clash Royale Hog Log Deck

Clash Royale Best Log Hog Deck

While once a joke, hog log is now a very good deck in Clash Royale! The whole idea is to get your hog to the tower, followed up with a log to clear away any troops that might be placed down to counter the log. All the other cards can be used as support troops with the hog along as with defense. Usually you want to save skeleton army for defense, against a giant, P.E.K.K.A. or hog. Just slowly chip away damage until the tower goes down!

Best Clash Royale Log Miner Deck

Clash Royale Best Log Miner Deck

While this log deck might seem a bit strange at first, it is a ton of fun to play! First off, you want your main pushes to be with either the miner or the prince. The guards provide a good defense, and the furnace allows hogs or giants to be pulled. Ideally, you want to set up in the back with the prince, combined it with the miner and ice spirit as it got to the bridge. Some fire spirits should be in with the furnace and the log will push away any opposing troops!

Thanks a ton for reading about the best log decks in Clash Royale! Vote on the card you want to see the “Best Decks” series go to next! Once again, thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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