Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks: How to Win!

The Clash Royale King’s Cup has started and there are 6 different decks in the challenge. Today, I’ll be teaching you against all 6 decks and telling you how to win and what King’s Cup decks that deck works well against! I will also be ranking the decks from 1-6, 1 being the best. Lets go ahead and get into the best deck for Kings Cup!

1- Go-Log-Go

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks Go Log Go

How to Win: Pump up until double elixir and then get a huge push

Good Against: X-Bowler, Dark Lighting, Raging Balloon

Bad Against: Frozen Hog

Substitute Cards: Mid-damge spell- Fireball or Poison

Go-Log-Go Gameplay: Go-Log-Go is the best deck in the King’s Cup because it has the most versatility and also can build up a massive push. Obviously, to succeed with the golem you need to start pumping up almost right away. You should just defend whatever your opponent throws at your until 1 minute to go. At one minute left, with hopefully 2 elixir collectors down, you should play your golem in the back of your base. After that, I would play musketeer or archers in behind to support the golem and just keep throwing in troops until your golem dies off! A tower should definitely be down and you should win!

2- The Frozen Hog

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks The Frozen Hog

How to Win: Use chip damage over time to knock dow the tower

Good Against: Go-Log-Go, Raging Balloon

Bad Against: Dark Lighting

Substitute Cards: Mid-support unit: Dark Prince, Mini-P.E.K.K.A., Valkyrie or Barbarians, Defense: Inferno Tower, Tesla, Cannon, or Tombstone

The Frozen Hog Gameplay: The whole idea of the Frozen hog deck in the King’s Cup is to get your hog to the tower and to keep chipping off damage. Since you do get a defense in this deck, you are able to defend against most decks. Another great push to have besides the hog is to use the dark prince backed with either spear goblins or the ice wizard as support. The knight is also a great cheap card to defending medium support troops like the mini-P.E.K.K.A. and valkyrie. The whole gameplay behind this deck is that is a balanced, which is what makes it so good.

3- X-Bowler

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks X-Bowler

How to Win: Use the X-Bow to target the tower from across the arena

Good Against: Mirror Miner Muskies, Dark Lighting

Bad Against: Go-Log-Go

Substitutes: Swarm unit: Skeleton Army or Guards

X-Bowler Gameplay: Now obviously, the gameplay behind this deck is to get the X-Bow focused in on the tower. My suggestion would be to play the X-Bow quickly, before your opponent understands which deck you have. That way, they will be unprepared to defend it and it is more likely to lock on the tower. The bowler is the best support unit for the X-Bow, since it pushes back all ground troops. The princess is also nice to defend the X-Bow with, not allowing spam troops to reach the defense. When playing defense, the mini-P.E.K.K.A. is great for getting the hog and other mid-level support units down. Skeleton army can also be great on defense. Again, a balanced deck is what makes this King’s Cup deck so good.

4- Mirror, Miner, Muskies

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks Mirror Miner Muskies

How to Win: Build up elixir until you can play three musketeers in the back

Good Against: Raging Balloon

Bad Against: X-Bowler, Dark Lighting

Substitutes: Flying support: Mega Minion or Minion Horde

Mirror, Miner, Muskies Gameplay: This is easily the craziest deck in the Clash Royale King’s Cup! There isn’t a lot of defense in this deck, which is why it is so low. Obviously, in the beginning, you want to play an elixir collector to start building that elixir lead. Next up, similarly to the Go-Log-Go deck, you want to defend your towers with the minion horde, fire spirits, and knight until the last minute when you will have a big elixir lead. Play them in the back, splitting them if you are playing the Dark Lighting deck, and hopefully you can build enough elixir to mirror them! If these can get on the tower, it will easily take it down.

5- Dark Lighting

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks Dark Lighting

How to Win: Do pushes with the lumberjack or dark prince with support behind

Good Against: Frozen Hog, Mirror Miner Muskies

Bad Against: Go-Log-Go, X-Bowler

Substitutions: Hut: Furnace or Goblin Hut, Cheap Flying: Minions or Mega Minion

Dark Lighting Gameplay: While this the Dark Lighting deck would seem like it is balanced, it is actually pretty tough to play. Ideally, you want to build up 3-4 pushes that take down the tower. Start off with the dark prince or lumberjack in the back and support the tank unit with spear goblins, archers, or minions. Also, always have down the hut you get, whether it is the goblin hut or furnace. These will help you chip down the tower until you can take it out with a lightning spell. You have a plenty of defensive options, but it is tough to take out big units like the bowler and golem.

6- The Raging Balloon

Clash Royale Kings Cup Decks The Raging Balloon

How to Win: Get the balloon to the tower with a rage

Good Against: None

Bad Against: Go-Log-Go, Mirror Miner Muskies

SubstitutionsTank: Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Giant

Raging Balloon Gameplay: Most people agree that this is the worst deck in the Kings Cup, but if used well, you can dominate your opponent. The ideal situation would be to defend for an elixir lead and send a solo balloon and rage spell against the tower. 2-3 of these pushes will completely destroy the tower. However, the tough part is to gain that elixir lead. It is tough to defend with this deck, especially if your tank unit is the giant. Just use your cards smartly and you’ll be able to win with this Clash Royale deck.

Thanks for reading the guide for the King’s Cup decks! Make sure to head on out into the tournament and see how you do with these decks! After battling a lot, you will get the hang of the decks and start the dominate! Good luck getting 12 wins and I will see you guys tomorrow with more Supercell content!


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