New Clan Feature in Next Clash Royale Update

In Clash Royale, clans are used for donating troops and friendly battles, but what about a new clan feature in the next Clash Royale update? Something new to clans is confirmed to be happening in the next update, but what else is there to add to Clash Royale clans? Here’s the official forums post:

Clash Royale New Clan Feature Next Update

So in this, it clearly states that a new clan feature will be updated in the next Clash Royale update! Clan perks could definitely be possible for the next update, but it won’t be with clan wars.

Anyways, leave a comment below of what you think the next update will be! Thanks for reading and make sure to come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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3 thoughts on “New Clan Feature in Next Clash Royale Update

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  2. You know, I really wish they could do clan vs clan tournaments, sort of like clan wars. Here is what I think they could look like:
    They are started like how a clan war is started in clash of clans, except there could be a better system than the opt-in opt-out that clash of clans has. Players of any level may be included by their leader / co-leader, but tournament rules apply.
    They could be around half an hour to two hours long. As many battles as possible are done, and the total number of wins determine the winner. Tie-breakers are the number of crowns.
    You can see who on the other clan is online at the time.


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