Clash of Clans ALL Spell Radius and Tips

In Clash of Clans, one of the most important parts of the game are spells. A single spell can change your attack to a three star win! Therefore, you need to know all spell radius and some tips to how most effectively use that spell! Lets go ahead and get into this Clash of Clans tip guide!

Clash of Clans Spell Radius Tips

All Elixir Spells Radius and Tips

Lightning Spell: 3.5 tiles

Based on this radius, you need to make sure that the buildings you are trying to lightning spell aren’t too far apart. The lightning spell will only reach buildings that are two buildings apart; no further.

Heal Spell: 5 tiles

The heal spell has the biggest radius in the Clash of Clans, which means it has a lot of versatility. For this, you probably want to try to predict where your units will be going, that way they are in for many seconds.

Rage Spell: 5 tiles

Basically, this should be the same as the heal spell. Since it does have such a big radius, try to predict where your troops will be heading so that you get the full effect.

Jump Spell: 3.5 tiles

Lots of people use earthquake nowadays, but remember the jump does have the beacon effect to surrounding troops. You just have to place the jump spell relatively close to your troops and you’ll be fine.

Freeze Spell: 3.5 tiles

This radius is one of the most important in Clash of Clans. I’ve seen multiple attacks where the player missed the second inferno because it was too far away. Remember, 1 building apart is the max for this one.

Clone Spell: 3.5 tiles

Not many people use the clone spell, but knowing the radius doesn’t really help with this. You just want to play it so that your troops are heading into it. Even at 2 tiles, the gameplay would be similar.

Poison Spell: 4 tiles

The important thing to remember with the poison spell is timing. Once clan castle troops come out, you don’t want to place right away, but instead wait until the troops start to hurt yours. Then play the poison so that it will encompass all the defending troops.

All Dark Elixir Spells Radius and Tips

Earthquake Spell: 4 tiles

The earthquake is mainly used for breaking apart two different sections of walls. Now, there shouldn’t be a reason for missing one of the walls, because there should be a max of 4 spaces between the two walls you want to break.

Haste Spell: 4 tiles

The haste spell is usually used for individual or small groups of units, so its not that important to know the radius. Just be sure to place the back of the haste spell on the unit.

Skeleton Spell: Varies

Lastly, we have the skeleton spell, which actually varies in range based off the skeletons that come out of it. The skeleton spell probably has about a 4 tile general radius though.

Thanks for reading about these Clash of Clans spell radius. I hope you guys enjoyed and make sure to come back tomorrow for more Clash content!

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