Dragon Event Coming to Clash of Clans

As the ice wizard event and the rest of the Christmas events in Clash of Clans come to an end, a new dragon event will be making an appearance within the events tab in Clash of Clans!

Clash of Clans Dragon Event

Dragon Event

The dragon event will most likely be very similar to the ice wizard event. You will probably have to use a certain number of dragons in 3 wins in order to get 300 XP and 30 gems.

Clash of Clans Dragon Event


Possibly dragons will have a decreased cost or training time as well to help promote the use of the dragon within the event.

Here is a great video on the basics of dragons (or dragons for dummies ;)) to help you guys learn some of the strategy behind dragons before they are used throughout the game over the next few days!

No More Christmas Events

The dragon event is scheduled to start within Clash of Clans after all the other holiday specials have faded away. This includes:

  • Santa’s Surprise Spell
  • Freeze Trap
  • Ice Wizard

Clash of Clans Christmas Special Events

To me this is very disappointed because I loved all the Clash of Clans Christmas specials within the game. Personally, I really hope they keep the ice wizard within Clash of Clans permanently.

Anyways, this was just a quick head-ups about the dragon event! Make sure to get those air defenses leveled up in order to defend well against these air terrors. Thanks a ton for reading and I will see you guys soon with more Clash of Clans content!

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