Clash of Clans Faster Army Training Tips

Training an army is the SINGLE most important thing in Clash of Clans. It is very hard to get resources or gain trophies without attacking with your army. Therefore, you want to attack as many times as possible in Clash of Clans. That’s why today, I’ll be giving you guys some tips on how you can train your army faster!

Clash of Clans Faster Army Composition Training

First off, we need to go over the most key part of fast army training…. don’t upgrade more than one barrack at a time! If you only have 2 or less barracks running, your “army turnover rate” will not be fast at all. Obviously, its better to never upgrade barracks, but that’s definitely not realistic ;).

The same thing goes for the spell factories. When you upgrade one, you can’t train spells so upgrade only when you aren’t attacking a lot and certainly opt out of war when one is upgrading.

Quick Train Army Compositions

In my opinion, quick train armies are one of the best things to ever be updated in Clash of Clans. For those of you that don’t know, the quick train feature lets you save 3 army compositions for a “quick train”; one button tap and whatever you have set starts training!

Clash of Clans Quick Train Army Compositon

As soon as you finish raiding, you should automatically train whatever army you want coming into your army camps next. This will keep the flow of the armies going and stop time wasting from you having to figure out how many of each troop to train.

Training Two Armies at Once

With the most recent addition of the new training, you are able to train two armies at once. Say you are a Town Hall 9 and you have 220 army composition space. That means that you are able to train up to 440 space at one time.

Clash of Clans Train Two ArmiesWhat does this mean? Well, while you are out looking for a bunch of loot to loot or trophies to take, your army will be back at your base training up. Depending on how long it takes you to find a good battle, your whole army could be done by the time you can back to your village.

Essentially, this means you could never STOP raiding. Just train while you are searching for a match, come back to hit the train button, repeat over and over again.

A Better Army Training System

Really, ever since the October 2016 update dropped, troop training has been so much nicer so that you can enjoy looting villages more! Who else remembers the days where P.E.K.K.A.s took 1/2 hour to train? But because of the new system, you can use some simple tricks to really take advantage and raid as much as possible!

Clash of Clans Faster Army Training Tips

That wraps up this quick article about the tips behind faster army training. I hope that this helped some of you guys realize how much time you could be saving by training faster! Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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