Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Decks for ALL Arenas

Goblin gang was officially released in Clash Royale today and you guys need the best goblin gang decks to win with this new card at ANY arena within Clash Royale! I already reviewed a bit of goblin gang strategy, but I’ll go over strategy with each of these goblin gang decks so you guys can use them effectively!

Best Goblin Gang Decks for All Arenas

Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck-

Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Zap Bait Deck Arena

As soon as the goblin gang was announced in Clash Royale, the number one use of it was assumed to be as part of a zap bait deck. Basically, you sub out skeleton army for the goblin gang since they are closest in use for each other. As soon as your opponent uses his zap or log, punish his with one of your other cards that is usually countered by those two spells.

Goblin Gang Giant Deck-

Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Giant Deck Arena

Surprisingly, goblin gang works extremely well in golem beatdown decks. When played behind the giant, provided that your opponent doesn’t have log, the gang will fend off any troops that are placed to defend the giant. All single shot units like the mini-P.E.K.K.A. and musketeer will get annihilated. If the giant can tank for the gang, they will do unlimited damage to the tower.

Goblin Gang Hog Cycle Deck-

Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Hog Cycle Deck Arena

As with every other goblin card in Clash Royale, the goblin gang fits in perfectly with a hog cycle deck. Within this deck, it can be used for both defense and offense, defending against fellow hogs or giants also. If you have 7 elixir, a great mini-push to do is hog plopped right in the middle of the gang which does SERIOUS work to the tower if not countered properly.

Goblin Gang Miner Chip Deck-

Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Miner Chip Deck Arena

Lastly, we have a miner chip deck with the goblin gang. With this deck, you want most of your damage to come from the miner combined with the princess, minions, or gang. Elite barbarians are mostly a defensive troop in this deck that can be turned into a counter push easily. Play smart with your deck and take advantage of every bit of damage you can get.

So that does it for our goblin gang deck article! I really think that this card is interesting and hope that it finds a nice place in the meta. Use these decks to help push with the goblin gang after you level it up a bit. Thanks for reading and comment below what level your goblin gang is!

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7 thoughts on “Clash Royale Best Goblin Gang Decks for ALL Arenas

  1. Hey Clash for dummies, I’ve never understood why log was so good even though my friends have it, I watch videos from nick and molt that pretty much all have the log in it, etc. And then when my time comes to use it on my friends phone, I just plain old SUCK! Why is the log all that good – it’s slow, only ground, and does SOOO little damage to almost everything


    • The log is good because it offers so much value for only 2 elixir. It can kill a lot of troops from skeleton army to goblins to princess, along with pushing back all the units even golem or pekka.


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