2 MILLION Views Q&A: Questions Wanted!

Hey guys! This is a bit away from our daily strategy and news articles about Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, but we are about to hit a massive milestone here on clashfordummies.com! As you can probably tell by the title, we are approaching the 2 million view milestone!

2 Million Views Q&A

For one million views, we had a nice gift card giveaway here on the site. For one and a half million views, we hosted a tournament on Clash Royale. But for two million views, I want to do something that will allow all of you guys, the readers, to connect with me, the writer, more!

So for 2 million views, we will be having a Q&A. If you don’t know what a Q&A is, it is a question and answer, where you ask me ANY question (only appropriate ones) and I’ll give an answer here on the site. You can ask your question down below or ask me on Twitter!

In a few days, when we actually hit 2M views, I’ll release the Q&A and you guys can see all of your questions about me answered! Thanks in advance for this huge milestone and for being awesome readers… Keep clashing!

14 thoughts on “2 MILLION Views Q&A: Questions Wanted!

    • In my opinion, I’m pretty sure yes. If your level is the same or one above the Arena you are in, it’s okay. Obviously end of hog mountain and high legend Arena is an exception


  1. I don’t want people randomly looking around for my account, cuz I have some old friendships, not friendships anymore, that might just stalk me on clash Royale, one of which is a decent hacker actually

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