Clash Royale August 2017 Update LEAKED!

Despite having just released an update, the Clash Royale August 2017 update has been leaked! This Clash Royale update is massive, bringing new cards, skins, and quests. Here are the full release notes for the leaked August update!

Clash Royale March 2017 Update Features

Clash Royale August 2017 Update LEAKED!

Shop special offers

Name Cost Contains Notes
Starter Pack Arena 1 0.99$ Magic chest arena 1 and 80 gems Disabled at the moment
Starter Pack Arena 2 0.99$ Magic chest arena 2 and 80 gems


2 new arenas:

  • PvE Arena
  • TvE (Team vs Enemy) Arena


  • Hint to a new legendary building called the bat nest
  • Hint to a new common building called NOTINUSE21. No idea on what it is. It uses the stats of the kings tower as a placeholder
  • reference to the card “AntiBuilders”, “Hunter” and “Gift Pony”
  • Stun effect implemented in the game. Used by Mega knight?
  • 3 new legendary card (troops) being tested in game files. No info about those


  • In challenges you can win skins or ChestWithCardTheme (Some sort of special chest?)
  • Gold rush challenges, you can win a princess gold skin
  • Team vs enemy challenge


  • Skins available from lv 3
  • Princess tower and king tower are skinnable.
  • You can buy skins with gems

Skins Names

King tower (default), Barbarian tower, Bone tower, Goblin Tower, Hog mountain tower, Ice Tower, Jungle tower, Legendary tower, Pekka tower, Royal tower, Spell tower, Training tower, Workshop tower, Pony love tower, Gold Tower


  • Multiple quests: Daily quests, ladder quests, challenge quests, friendly quests, puzzle quests
  • Puzzle royale: Complete the puzzle to win
  • Some examples: win X ladder battles, win X challenge battle, win X friendly battles, collect X chests, hit anything X times with TROOP, use a low avg elixir deck, use an high avg elixir deck, use a specific card, use a specific spell X times, etc.
  • Reference to Quest points


  • Puzzles and bosses
  • In PvE and TvE you can face multiple waves of enemies


  • Clash Royale now runs better on low end devices
  • In game, if you drag a card for 20 seconds without releasing it, it will be deselected (TO BE TESTED)
  • Mention to “Royal boxes”
  • Improved draft challenges with more choices (and better?) choices
  • Some adjustment to the droprate of the cards. Probably something minor.

So that is the full August 2017 update that we will be seeing in a few months! Personally, I think it sounds really cool and can’t wait for it to drop in August! I really like the idea of quests in Clash Royale as well. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of this leaked update!

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