Best Decks for the 20 Win Crown Championship Challenge

The 20 win crown championship challenge will be starting tomorrow in Clash Royale, with some pretty awesome rewards and the opportunity to play in the Crown Championship if you are able to win 20 battles. Therefore, you need the BEST decks to win the 20 win challenge and unlock the 250,000 gold that comes with the 20th win!

Clash Royale 20 Win Crown Championship Challenge

Best 20 Win Crown Championship Decks

Golem Night Witch Deck-

Clash Royale Golem Night Witch Deck 20 Win Challenge

Yes, yes, the night witch received a HUGE nerf in the latest balance changes, but honestly, she is still a great support card! This golem night witch has been on the top of the meta for a while now and it shows no signs of falling away. Golem is a very strong card in the current Clash Royale meta and playing it in the 20 win challenge should mean success. This deck is so good because it offers great support cards that you can rely on to get some serious damage done.

Hog Electro Wizard Deck-

Clash Royale Hog Electro Wizard Deck 20 Win Challenge

Another very popular deck in the current meta is the hog e-wiz deck that you often see cycle players using. The reason why this deck will work so well in the 20 win challenge is because you have several zap/log bait cards which can quickly overwhelm an opponent going for a power push. Also, this deck features the inferno tower, which will be useful with so many golems and giants running around in this challenge. Play this deck like the chip deck it is and you’ll be able to pick up several wins with it!

LavaLoonion Deck-

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck 20 Win Challenge

How could we not include LavaLoonion as one of the decks to use in this crown championship challenge? LavaLoonion has been absolutely dominant over the past couple months, due to the lava hound’s tanking ability combined with the balloon’s massive damage. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot of LavaLoonion throughout the 20 win challenge, which you’ll be able to take out easily due to the amount of air support units that this deck features.

PEKKA Executioner Deck-
Clash Royale PEKKA Executioner Deck 20 Win Challenge

Last, but certainly not least, we have a PEKKA deck that has only very recently surfaced to the top of the meta game in Clash Royale. The PEKKA has become great when combined with splash dealing units like the executioner and electro wizard. This deck is a pure beatdown deck, with the whole purpose being to get as many support units in behind the PEKKA as possible. Since this deck is so expensive, you do have the elixir collector, meaning you can dominate once the battle reaches double elixir!

Winning the 20 Win Challenge

That is going to wrap it up for our decks that we have for you guys to win 20 games in the challenge! I hope that you can use these decks for great success during this challenge, hoping reaching 20 wins! Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the rewards for this crown championship challenge.

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