Cannon Cart Balance Changes Update in Clash of Clans

The cannon cart will be receiving a MASSIVE buff in this week’s Clash of Clans update which also includes clan war matchmaking improvements. The cannon cart has seemed pretty weak in the Builder Base, so it is really good that the cannon cart is receiving this buff!

Clash of Clans Cannon Cart Balance Changes Update

Cannon Cart Update Notes

Here are the full release notes that we get from the big cannon cart buff! There are a lot of big changes that should hopefully have the cannon cart find a nice spot in the meta.

We are including the following balance changes to the Cannon Cart: 

  • Movement speed increased by 33%
  • First shot is fired after 0.4 seconds (speed increased from 1.2 seconds)
  • Increase the range of Cannon Cart’s Last Stand ability by 1 tile

It is kind of strange that the cannon cart is the only card being buffed or nerfed, but these are very good changes that should help the cannon cart improve big time! Increasing the movement speed was necessary, as the cannon cart would often fall behind the giants and get taken out. It also took the cannon cart quite a while to get off that first shot, kinda of like sparky in Clash Royale, so seeing an increase in that is key to the cart’s success. Lastly, it is amazing to see the range increase, as the Last Stand ability was very weak due to its limited range.

This update also includes war matchmaking improvements, which you can view here

That’s all for this mini August update that we are seeing to Clash of Clans, but it is sure to be a good one, with many key changes that are needed in the game. Hopefully we can see the cannon cart become a viable troop within Builder Base once this update becomes live. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the changes!

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