Clash Royale Touchdown Gameplay LEAKED!

Clash Royale is releasing a new gamemode in the October 2017 update, which has become well known to have something to do with football. Well this new gamemode has been LEAKED and has been confirmed to be called “Touchdown Mode”. Here’s the leaked gameplay of touchdown, which is just one part of the Clash Royale October update!

Clash Royale Touchdown Mode Gameplay LEAKED

Touchdown Gameplay LEAKED

This video was discovered, made by a Japanese YouTuber (which all the gameplay leaks come from). It shows what touchdown mode is going to be like, having every card that gets to the end zone worth a crown. There isn’t a lot of footage in this video, but it is enough to show you exactly what Touchdown mode is!

Later today, September 30th, Clash Royale is having a stream to officially show off the new Touchdown mode. We can expect that the October update isn’t too far away based off this, since they are already starting with the sneak peeks. I should have more leaks for you guys soon as the update draws closer, hopefully involving quests and the new cards we will be seeing in October. Thanks for reading and comment below what your think about Touchdown mode!

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