Clash Royale Halloween Draft Challenge

Halloween is here in Clash Royale, with a brand new Halloween draft challenge! This is the first of (hopefully) many Halloween updates for Clash Royale. There are a ton of rewards from this Halloween draft challenge, so we are going to talk about how to win and ALL the rewards from winning this challenge!

Halloween Royale Clash Royale

Halloween Draft Challenge

The Halloween draft challenge will be starting October 31st and ending on November 2nd. This gives you a span of 3 days to complete the 9 win challenge and receive all of the rewards that come with the win. The rewards add up to 150 common cards, 20 rare cards, and 5 epic cards, all with a distinct skeleton theme!

Halloween Draft Challenge Rewards Clash Royale

You can see all of the rewards in that picture, so here are all the individual rewards that you can get by win total. Remember, you also get a chest from the challenge, which will give you 3,000 gold and an additional 140 cards when unlocked.

  • 1 Win Reward: 50 skeletons
  • 2 Wins Reward: 1 skeleton army
  • 3 Wins Reward: 1 guards
  • 4 Wins Reward: 10 bomb towers
  • 5 Wins Reward: 1 witch
  • 6 Wins Reward: 10 tombstones
  • 7 Wins Reward: 1 giant skeleton
  • 8 Wins Reward: 1 balloon
  • 9 Win Rewards: 100 skeleton barrels

That’s right, if you manage to win this Halloween challenge, you will receive 100 skeleton barrels, a card that isn’t even released in Clash Royale yet! This probably means that the skeleton barrel will be coming out 2 weeks from the end of this challenge. The estimated release date for the skeleton barrel is November 13th, 2017. You will be using the skeleton barrel in this draft challenge though!

Halloween Draft Challenge Clash Royale

In every battle, the skeleton barrel is going to be available to draft for one player. Which means that you have a 50% chance of playing with the skeleton barrel and almost guarantees that you can play the skeleton barrel by the end of the challenge.

That’s all I’ve got today on this brand new challenge in Clash Royale. I wish you all luck in unlocking the skeleton barrel early in this Halloween event! Thanks for reading and comment below what your favorite prize from this challenge is!

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