Skeleton Barrel Gameplay and Strategy in Clash Royale

The skeleton barrel is the newest card in Clash Royale, being a mix between a goblin barrel and a graveyard. You will need to know the strategy of the skeleton barrel and how to win with this new card! We will be talking how to counter the skeleton barrel and what decks the skeleton barrel will work well in for Clash Royale!

Skeleton Barrel Tips Strategy Clash Royale

Skeleton Barrel Overview

The skeleton barrel is a three elixir common card which is first available to be unlocked in Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6). With its release, the skeleton barrel joins the royal giant as the only common, defense seeking troops.

The skeleton barrel works similarly to a goblin barrel, with the major difference being that the skeleton barrel can be destroyed before it reaches its target. Once it is destroyed, it will spawn 8 skeletons, which will proceed to target the nearest troop OR building. The barrel itself does no damage, but acts like a shield for the skeletons inside. Here are the stats for the skeleton barrel:

Clash Royale Skeleton Barrel Statistics

Let’s go ahead and analyze the major stat lines of the skeleton barrel and see how they stack up against other cards in Clash Royale.

  • Hitpoints: 636 (a bit less than an ice wizard)
  • Speed: Medium (knight, mega minion, etc.)
  • Max DPS: 536 (a bit more than three musketeers)
  • Total Damage when Ignored: 1407 (valkyrie, dark prince)

Note: we can find Max DPS by adding 8 skeletons DPS together

Based on that max DPS, we can see that skeleton barrel is NOT a card to be ignored! However, by itself, it’s not the best card for damage dealing. Let’s check out what the skeleton barrel looks like in action!

Skeleton Barrel Gameplay

Before we get into the gameplay pictures of the skeleton barrel, here is a great video detailing counters, strategy, and gameplay for the skeleton barrel. Give it a watch and you will learn lots about how to beat and play the newest Clash Royale card!

Here’s the skeleton barrel when it is first deployed. Unlike the goblin barrel or graveyard, you have to play this at the bridge; you can’t play it straight on your opponent’s side of the arena.

Skeleton Barrel Gameplay Clash Royale

The skeleton barrel will explode in two instances: when its health is gone or it reaches a building. Once the barrel explodes, a half second will pass, and then the 8 skeletons spawn right underneath the barrel!

Skeleton Barrel Gameplay Clash Royale

That is the basic gist and gameplay for the skeleton barrel. Let’s go ahead and jump into some strategy about what cards you should pair with the skeleton barrel!

Best Cards to Pair with Skeleton Barrel


The combination of graveyard and skeleton barrel creates too many skeletons to keep track of! You should play in the skeleton barrel first to soak some damage so the graveyard skeletons can build up. Your opponent will be forced to counter both of the skeleton spawners, making it almost guaranteed to get a little bit of damage in.

Skeleton Barrel Graveyard Deck Clash Royale

Goblin Barrel

Why not combine the most similar card with the skeleton barrel? Just like with the graveyard, you are going to want to play the skeleton barrel first to soak up some damage. If countered poorly, the goblins and skeletons can combine for a whole bunch of damage onto the tower.

Skeleton Barrel Goblin Barrel Deck Clash Royale

Hog Rider

The skeleton barrel is covered pretty well by a tank card if you know how to play it. Put the skeleton barrel in FIRST, that way you get the damage onto the barrel. Once the barrel pops though , the tower will retarget onto your tank card (thanks to a .5 second delay on the barrel), in this case, the hog, allowing your skeletons to break free.

Skeleton Barrel Hog Rider Deck Clash Royale

How to Counter Skeleton Barrel


While the tornado isn’t the most elixir efficient or quickest counter to the skeleton barrel, it certainly is the most fun. Wait until the barrel itself is low on health, then drop the tornado a few tiles away from the tower. It will pull the barrel back and kill all of the spawning skeletons in the process.

Skeleton Barrel vs Tornado Clash Royale


Bats are a great double counter to the skeleton barrel, being able to take out both the barrel and the skeletons without taking any damage. Play the bats on the barrel, which they will tear through fast. This makes the skeletons have to travel further to reach the tower. Regardless, the bats will clean them up pretty quickly!

Skeleton Barrel vs Bats Clash Royale


Out of all of these counters, zap is the one that requires the most timing. Remember, the skeleton barrel has a .5 second delay when spawning the skeletons, so it is quite easily to miss the zap. Deploy the zap right as the barrel is destroyed and you should be able to catch all of the skeletons with your spell.

Skeleton Barrel vs Zap Clash Royale

Skeleton Army

Skeletons versus skeletons! The skeleton army is able to completely annihilate the skeletons from the barrel within a second and barely lose any of their own. Play the SA right under where the skeleton barrel will pop and the skeleton army will completely SWAMP the barrel skeletons. Quick and easy counter.

Skeleton Barrel vs Skeleton Army Clash Royale

That’s going to wrap it up for our skeleton barrel tips and gameplay guide! I am really excited for this new card to be released across all of Clash Royale…. but not so much for the extra zap/log bait card. Thanks for reading and comment your impressions of the new skeleton barrel!

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3 thoughts on “Skeleton Barrel Gameplay and Strategy in Clash Royale

  1. I did the double barrel trick and it worked so well, the skeleton barrel tanks for the goblins and the goblins tank for the skeletons


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