Most Meta Deck #24: Hog Log Bait Deck

The meta is always changing within Clash Royale and for the 24th time, we have the new best deck within Clash Royale! This deck is a hog log bait deck, centered around how cards have changed since the October balance changes. Here is some gameplay and strategy around the best deck in Clash Royale right now, a hog log bait deck!

Hog Log Bait Deck Overview

Clash Royale Hog Log Bait Deck

The two main win conditions in this hog log bait deck are going to be the hog rider and the ice spirit. In this deck, the hog rider is going to be doing most of the damage, with the ice spirit combining with it for a killer push. For only five elixir, you can pair the ice spirit and hog rider together to wreck havoc on a tower. You need to rely on the hog in this deck; he will be doing most of the damage, so its good to have him get at least 10 shots in on the tower each game. Ice spirit can also be used as a cheap defensive option, countering a lot of swarm troops.

On defense, we have 3 cards that you will be primarily using. First up, one of the strongest defensive cards in the game, the knight. The knight will be amazing at defending against splash damage cards like the wizard and executioner where your other cards will falter. Also, use the knight to take out tanks like the giant and golem. Next up, we have the princess which will be key to defending against LavaLoonion and swarm decks. Her splash damage will prove critical for success. Lastly, the goblin gang is going to be the card to play against small counterpushes, easily being able to conquer the bandit, e-wiz, and other cards.

For the second week in a row, we have a three spell deck. With three spells, you have more direct damage, but you need more care in defending since you won’t have as many distraction troops. The tornado is going to be your top defensive card, allowing you to pull cards to the other side or to your king tower. The log will also be very important on defense, making sure that you aren’t overwhelmed by the skeleton army or goblin gang. On the other hand, on offense, the rocket is super important, allowing you to get a bit more damage on the tower since it does SO much damage!

Log Baiting

This is a log bait deck, so one of the keys for winning will be to bait out your opponent’s log. You have two cards in this deck that are primarily logged, the goblin gang and the princess. Take advantage of this by pressing your opponent with the other card once one gets logged. For example, plant your princess at the bridge for a bit of chip damage. This will draw out your opponent’s log since it is the simplest counter to the princess.

Clash Royale Princess Log Bait

Once that log goes down, you need to push with the goblin gang, since your opponent will be vulnerable to it without a direct counter. I wouldn’t suggest playing GG alone, but combining it with a hog can result in a huge amount of damage! You can also do this vice versa with the goblin gang being used as the bait.

Cycling Rockets

As mentioned above, the rocket is one of the most important parts of winning with this hog log bait deck. You need to try and get a couple hits with the rocket onto the tower before the game is over, making it much easier to get the crown through the hog. If you hit three rockets on the tower across the course of the game, you are almost guaranteed to take down the tower!

Of course, don’t just play a solo rocket on the tower; make sure you are hitting an opposing unit along with the tower. You want to hit troops that can fall to the rocket like the witch, musketeer, or wizard.

Rocket Counter Witch Clash Royale

Quick Hog Pushes

This is definitely not a beatdown deck, almost the complete opposite actually! That being said, you shouldn’t be building up big pushes with this deck, at most each push should be 7 elixir. The best push to do with this deck is the hog+ice spirit combo, costing on 5 elixir with the potential for a whole lot of damage!

Clash Royale Hog Ice Spirit Push

Also, try combining the hog rider with the goblin gang or princess to switch up your pushes a bit. Don’t forget about log baiting with choosing the combination you want to go with!

Using the Tornado

The tornado is one of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale, giving you the option to play offense or defense. Let’s start with using the tornado on offense and all the moves you can make with it. The way to use the tornado on offensive is to pull troops away from the hog rider, allowing it to take less damage and get more hits onto the arena tower.

Clash Royale Hog Tornado Push

So you can use the tornado like that to pull troops away from your hog, but you can also use it on defense. One of the most clutch plays with the tornado is pulling troops to your king tower to activate it. Only use the tornado to pull miner, hog, and goblin barrel to the king’s tower; all other cards are much too risky and probably won’t be able to be pulled off. Make sure the center of the tornado is right in the front of the tower and you should be able to have a 100% success rate when pulling those 3 cards!

Clash Royale Hog Activating King's Tower Tornado

And with that, we are going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of the most meta deck in Clash Royale! I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and can use this deck to help you win out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below what deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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