Best Builder Hall 6 Base Design Layout: The Crypt

Welcome to the fourth base of a new weekly Clash of Clans series, featuring the best base design layouts for the home village and Builder Base. Today, our featured base layout is a BH6 design, that relies on forcing troops to the crusher. This base is the best to use for Builder Hall 6 for trophy pushing! Welcome back to our new Sunday series, and I hope you guys enjoy the base designs!

Builder Hall 6 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

Best Builder Hall 6 Base Design

Builder Hall 6 is almost at the peak of the entire Builder Base in Clash of Clans, which means you should be able to get your trophy count pretty high once you max out BH6. Along with receiving a second crusher, you also get a brand new defense, the roaster, which is great against mass barbarians and giant attacks. Using these two new top of the line defenses, you can build a pretty sturdy base, like the Crypt!

BH6 Base Outline

Builder Hall 6 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

Full BH6 Base

Builder Hall 6 Base Design Layout Clash of Clans

This base is so much fun and one of the biggest troll bases you can have in the Builder Base. The way that the walls are set up and the AI of the Builder Base troops makes it so that they always head towards the crusher, which is the most dangerous defense in ALL of Clash of Clans. Also located deep within the center of the base, if your attacker is to make it that far, are the multi-mortar and roaster, which are two very solid defenses to hold the Builder Hall. While the base is bottom heavy in terms of air defense, it is nearly impossible for air troops to take out the BH, as all three archer towers and both firecrackers are covering it. To sum it all up, this base design has everything and is a counter for every attack strategy, whether it be giant-archer, mass baby dragons, or mass night witches!

That’s all for our fourth weekly installment of daily base designs. I hope that all of you BH6s out there can use this base to wide success, allowing you to gain some trophies and have some fun while you’re at it! If you want to see a base design for your BH or TH level, comment below which. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash of Clans!

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    • It’s going to be tough since I don’t have immediate access to either of those base types, but I’ll try to get a TH9 base out for this Sunday’s edition!


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