Best Decks to Win the Anniversary Challenge

The Anniversary Challenge in Clash Royale is celebrating the two year anniversary of Clash Royale. This Anniversary Challenge is split into Retro Royale and Modern Royale, and you are going to need the best decks in order to win both, and the whole challenge. Here’s are the best decks to win the Retro Royale and Modern Royale parts of the Clash Royale Anniversary Challenge!

Anniversary Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Best Decks to Win Retro Royale

Since there are two completely different stages to this challenge, you can’t use the same deck throughout the whole Anniversary Challenge to win. We are going to have to split this into the best decks for Retro Royale and the best decks for Modern Royale. Starting with Retro Royale, these are the cards that were in Clash Royale before the game was released. Retro Royale isn’t as important because you only need crowns in order to move on. Still here are the best decks to win the Retro Royale segment of the Anniversary Challenge!

Hog Freeze Deck

Retro Royale Hog Freeze Deck Clash Royale

If you played Clash Royale at all at the very beginning of this game, then surely you remember this deck right here! This hog freeze deck was amazing back in the days of Retro Royale and should work well in this challenge. The whole goal of the deck is to get either the hog or mini-PEKKA onto the tower and then freeze any defending troops. Its a quick cycle deck, so you should be ahead of your opponent.

Hog Zap Bait Deck

Retro Royale Zap Bait Deck Clash Royale

With no log or tornado in this deck, zap bait is really going to reign supreme. There was no goblin gang or princess in Retro Royale, so you’ll have to make due with the mirrored goblin barrel to devastate your opponent. Along with the goblin barrel as a primary damage dealer, we also have the hog rider, which should be a great combo for taking down towers throughout the challenge.

Golem Witch Deck

Retro Royale Golem Witch Deck Clash Royale

Unfortunately, when Clash Royale first was released, none of the great golem support cards (night witch, lumberjack, mega minion) had been released into the game yet. That being said, you can still dominate with the classic golem-baby dragon-witch deck. Golem is at the peak of the meta right now in Clash Royale and should be able to work well in the Retro Royale part of this challenge.

Best Decks to Win Modern Royale

Modern Royale features all of the cards that were released after Clash Royale went global. This includes ALL the legendary cards, but does lack a lot of win conditions. The Modern Royale segment is more important to win in, since it is a classic challenge mode, going up to 6 wins. Here are the best decks to win the Modern Royale segment of the Anniversary Challenge!

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck

Modern Royale Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck Clash Royale

As we transition into Modern Royale decks, the best win condition has got to be the mega knight. The hog, giant, PEKKA, and golem were already in Clash Royale when it first released, so we have to use the mega knight. This deck is a modern rendition of the popular mega knight deck used just a few weeks ago, with zap subbed for log and goblin hut subbed for the furnace.

Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck

Modern Royale Mega Knight Battle Ram Deck Clash Royale

Another great mega knight deck that has really been working well in the Clash Royale meta has been a mega knight-battle ram deck. Obviously, we can’t have all the cards in that deck, but we can make do with substitutes. The electro-wizard will be able to shut down the inferno dragon nicely and the ice spirit, bats, and the goblin gang should make for very viable defensive cards in this challenge.

Three Musketeers Battle Ram Deck

Modern Royale Three Musketeers Battle Ram Deck Clash Royale

Our final Modern Royale deck for the Anniversary Challenge strays away from the mega knight, using the battle ram and three musketeers combo in a heavy deck. Unfortunately there will be no elixir collector as spell bait, but the only direct spell counter to the 3M in this challenge is the poison. Use the miner and battle ram to protect your muskies as this deck dominates Modern Royale!

With those decks, you guys should be able to choose one and win the Anniversary Challenge in Clash Royale! It is crazy that Clash Royale has already been out for 2 years; let’s hope for another 2 years. Thanks for reading and comment below your best memory from the 2 years of Clash Royale!

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