Barbarian Barrel Statistics and Gameplay

The barbarian barrel has officially been announced in Clash Royale and we know a lot more about it now, including the gameplay and statistics behind the barbarian barrel. Here’s everything that we know about the barbarian barrel so far in Clash Royale, minus barbarian barrel decks!

Barbarian Barrel Leaked Clash Royale

Barbarian Barrel Statistics

The two most important statistics for the barbarian barrel are the rarity and arena, which have already been leaked yesterday! The rarity of the barbarian barrel will be epic and it will be unlocked in Hog Mountain or Arena 10.

Here’s are the technical stats for the barbarian barrel, including damage and range.

Barbarian Barrel Statistics Clash Royale

Let’s compare the barbarian barrel to some of the other troops and spells in Clash Royale. Below will be the barbarian barrel main statistics, as well as which card they compare to most closely.

  • Area Damage: 239 (same as the log)
  • Crown Tower Damage: 84 (same as the log)
  • Width: 3.9 (same as the log)
  • Range: 6.5 (same as royal giant)

So you’ll notice that the barbarian barrel matches up with the log in quite a lot of the categories! That’s because the barbarian barrel is basically the log, along with spawning a barbarian!

Barbarian Barrel Gameplay

The description of the barbarian barrel goes as follows:

“It rolls, knocks back and damages anything in the way – then breaks and out pops a Barbarian! How did he gets inside?!”

This description fits it perfectly, as it rolls past all troops and can’t be stopped. It also knocks back all ground troops that it comes across, just like the log. Finally, once it reaches the end of its range, a barbarian is immediately spawned. If you want to see gameplay of the barbarian in action, here you go!

Basically, this card boils down to being a log with a shorter range that spawns a barbarian. Remember, you can’t immediately get the barbarian to the tower since it’s range is only 6.5 tiles.

That wraps it up for our barbarian barrel overview in Clash Royale. This card is a really different idea and I can’t wait to see it implemented into the game. Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think about the newest epic card in Clash Royale in the comment section below!

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