Best Barbarian Barrel Decks in Clash Royale

The barbarian barrel is just a few days from releasing across Clash Royale, so you guys are going to need the best barbarian barrel decks in Clash Royale! These barbarian barrel decks aren’t the best in the meta, but if you want to use the newest Clash Royale card, these are the decks you should be playing in the meta!

Barbarian Barrel Decks Clash Royale

Best Barbarian Barrel Decks

To be honest, the barbarian barrel isn’t a great card. The log is a MUCH better substitute since it can knock back all units and actually hit the tower when rolled. Still, here are some decks that can work great with the barbarian barrel included!

Hog Executioner Barbarian Barrel Deck

Barbarian Barrel Hog Executioner Deck Clash Royale

This hog executioner deck is currently one of the best decks in the Clash Royale meta, only with the log instead of the barbarian barrel. If you swap out the log for the barbarian barrel, you still have a pretty decent deck though! This is going to be a strong hog cycle deck, with the defensive abilities centered around the synergy of the executioner and tornado. With the hog, combine it with the ice golem or bats for a great mini push! Add in the barbarian barrel for an extra bit of damage (hopefully).

PEKKA Dark Prince Barbarian Barrel Deck

Barbarian Barrel PEKKA Dark Prince Deck Clash Royale

PEKKA and dark prince are currently two of the best cards in Clash Royale. Even the relative weakness of the barbarian barrel can’t stop this deck from overpowering opponents! You can have a great beatdown push here with the PEKKA and dark prince/magic archer combination. With the barbarian barrel, you can get a bit of cheap damage if needed, but the poison is going to be your main chip spell, synergizing well with the PEKKA for your big beatdown pushes.

Hog Cycle Barbarian Barrel Deck

Barbarian Barrel Log Bait Deck Clash Royale

Whats a better deck for the barbarian barrel to be in than a pure hog cycle deck? This deck is more centered on the barbarian barrel than the other two, with it actually being a key part of the damage on the tower. Throw in hog rider, ice spirit, and barbarian barrel together for a pretty solid combination. You have plenty of defensive capability here, so you shouldn’t run into many problems. The barbarian barrel is going to be great here for predicting goblin gangs and skeleton armies against your hog rider!

I hope you all can unlock the barbarian barrel quickly after its release, if you haven’t already! This card is a bit underwhelming, especially when compared to the log, so hopefully it sees a buff soon. Thanks for reading and comment below if you have unlocked the barbarian barrel yet!

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