How to Win the Goblin Challenge in Clash Royale

There is a goblin challenge going on right now in Clash Royale, as it seems Clash Royale has brought back the weekly troop challenges in the April update. In the Goblin challenge, you play with premade goblin decks that Clash Royale gives you. First you have to play through Practice, then you get to play the real Goblin Challenge. Here’s my guide to win the Goblin Challenge in Clash Royale!

Goblin Challenge Decks Strategy Clash Royale

Goblin Challenge Overview

The goblin challenge is a small weekly challenge that mostly features the goblin cards in the decks. The first thing you need to compete in is the Goblin Challenge Practice, which you have to get 12 crowns in order to advance to the real Goblin Challenge.

You do get gold rewards, though no chests or cards for completing the Goblin Challenge Practice!

Goblin Challenge Practice Clash Royale

The first reward comes at 3 crowns, being 100 gold. Then once you hit 6 crowns, you receive 200 gold. At 9 crowns you will be rewarded with 400 gold and finally at 12 crowns, you get 800 gold plus the ability to move on and play in the Goblin Challenge!

The Goblin Challenge is only 6 wins for a victory, so many of you should be able to complete the entire challenge and earn the full rewards! The rewards for the real challenge are significantly better than the practice, with the final 6 wins reward being a very nice 5,000 gold.

Goblin Challenge Decks Strategy Clash Royale

The full rewards for the wins in the Goblin Challenge are as follows:

  • 2 wins: 500 gold
  • 3 wins: 1000 gold
  • 4 wins: 1500 gold
  • 5 wins: 2000 gold
  • 6 wins: 5000 gold

Now that we know the rewards, let’s look at the 8 decks that are included during the Goblin Challenge. Remember, you don’t get to choose your deck, it is randomly given to you at the start of the battle.

Goblin Challenge Decks

Since the Goblin Challenge features premade decks, you aren’t going to get to choose which deck you use for the challenge. Here are all the different decks that I have come across while playing the challenge, as well as a brief overview of each one and how you should play it in order to get 6 wins.

Gobsmacked Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Gobsmacked Deck

Without a doubt, the Gobsmacked deck is the best deck to play with in the Goblin Challenge. Featuring only two goblin cards, the golem and magic archer/executioner combo is way too difficult for decks with mostly goblins to beat. If you get lucky enough to play with this deck, you should be able to win pretty handily because of the well balanced deck.

Barrels on Barrels Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Barrels on Barrels Deck

Honestly, I feel like Clash Royale just threw in this deck to make a play on the barrel. The only direct damage spell you have here is the barbarian barrel, which is actually pretty decent against all these goblin decks. However, this deck ends up sucking pretty badly due to a lack of additional spells, as well as the inability for the skeleton barrel to do any real damage.

Mined the Bait Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Mined the Bait Deck

Any deck with the goblin hut actually ends up being pretty good, especially with a cheap deck that you can cycle back to it. You do have arrows here, which is extremely useful for going up against 4 other decks with both goblin gang and goblin barrel. The mass of goblins makes it easy to cycle, but you’ll have it tough to counter any of the better decks in the Goblin Challenge.

Gobnado Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Gobnado Deck

The dark prince ends up being one of the best cards in this challenge, mostly because his splash damage allows him to take out most of the goblin counters you’ll go up against. Also, since you have both tornado and arrows, you are able to counter the multiple goblin barrels, goblin gangs, princesses, and dart goblins you’ll be facing in the challenge.

Ghost n Goblins Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Deck


Against the best deck in the Goblin Challenge, the Gobsmacked deck, this Ghosts ‘n Goblins deck comes out pretty well, mostly because the inferno can melt the golem. However, since a lot of these decks don’t have big tank units the inferno tower is useless in most battles. Rely on the royal ghost and balloon for most of your damage here, always supported with some gobs.

Gobdown Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Gobdown Deck

Again, since this deck isn’t overwhelmingly goblins, it actually is a pretty decent deck for this challenge. The giant and zap combo is great for any spear goblins or goblin gangs used to counter, while a bowler in behind the giant can destroy almost all goblin counters in a single rock. This is probably the second or third best deck in the Goblin Challenge.

3 Gobskateers Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

3 Gobskateers Deck

The three musketeers are really great to have in this challenge since only two of the decks have fireballs in them. As long as you have the zap hovering, you should be able to shut down any counter pretty easily. With two mini tanks in the miner and ice golem, you can easily have two pushes going down opposite lanes at the same time, overwhelming your opponent.

Downton Gobbey Deck Goblin Challenge Clash Royale

Downton Gobbey

It is very surprising that a royal giant deck is actually good, but since the primary counters to it will be goblins, it can end up doing a ton of damage on the tower when supported by the two splash cards, the dark prince and princess. You also have fireball in the deck, which will help against three musketeers and the many goblin huts you will see throughout the challenge.

So the decks with the least amount of goblin cards actually end up being the best ones in Clash Royale. Good luck in the challenge and pull in as much gold as you can. Thanks for reading and comment below what your favorite deck to use in this challenge is!

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2 thoughts on “How to Win the Goblin Challenge in Clash Royale

  1. I think the real nightmare are Dark Prince and Executioner in this challenge, you definitely don’t want to fight against them, as the splash can cause a lot of trouble for the Goblins!


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