New Emotes LEAKED in Clash Royale June Update?

There might just be new emotes coming in the Clash Royale June update. In the June 2018 update video that was released today, it appears that there will be new emotes in the game. These include both goblin emotes and princess emotes. Here’s everything we know about the new leaked emotes in Clash Royale.

New Emotes LEAKED

Within the video, it seems like there will be regular emotes, as well as the options to add both these goblin or princess themed emotes. Here is an example of the new princess emotes that should be added in the June update.Princess Emote Clash Royale

It looks like these will be a little different than the standard four that come with the regular ones. Here’s a look at all of the different goblin emotes that were leaked at the very end of the update video.

Goblin Emote Clash Royale

With the June 2018 update coming in 2 days, we should know soon what the fate of these new Clash Royale emotes are. I really like the idea of having two new characters be the emote base instead of new faces for the standard emote. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the leaked emotes!

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