New Giant Goblin/Goblin Giant Card in Clash Royale (September Update)

A new card that is coming in the September 2018 update to Clash Royale has been leaked by the official Clash Royale team! We don’t know the name of this new card yet, except that it has the acronym “GG”, which makes us believe that it will be called either the giant goblin or green giant. Here’s everything we know about the newest card in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale September 2018 Update

New Card in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has announced that the next update will be coming in September, which naturally, has lead to a lot of players asking for any hints for what is to come. Early on, Clash Royale told us that we will be getting a new feature called “TT” and a new card that goes by “GG”.

Green Giant Giant Goblin Card Clash Royale

I think it is pretty clear that these are both two words, starting and ending with T and G respectively. Still, beyond those four letters, we didn’t have a lot to go on and had no clue what these new updates would be.

The other day though, Clash Royale responded to a tweet calling for another hint with this GIF here, indicating that this is going to be a big green card, hence the two leading ideas of green giant and giant goblin.

Green Giant Giant Goblin Card Clash Royale

I’m sure that within 2 weeks, we will know exactly what this new card is. The September 2018 update sneak peeks should be starting soon and I cannot wait to see what else they add in addition to “TT” and “GG”.

That’s going to wrap it up for this short article on the new card in Clash Royale. Sorry that there isn’t more information, but all we have is speculation right now. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think “GG” stands for!

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