Best Decks to Win the Modern Royale Challenge

The modern royale challenge has returned in Clash Royale, allowing you to make a deck out of all the cards that have been released since the global release date of March 2016. In order to get 20 wins, you are going to need the best decks to win the Modern Royale challenge in Clash Royale!

Best Decks Modern Royale Challenge Clash Royale

Best Modern Royale Challenge Decks

Since you can only use cards that have come out since the global release of Clash Royale, win conditions like the hog rider, giant, and golem are all banned. The top win conditions will be royal hogs, mega knight, miner, and three musketeers. Here are four great decks that you can use to dominate the Modern Royale challenge!

Royal Hogs Modern Royale Deck

Royal Hogs Deck Modern Royale Clash Royale

This deck is almost an exact copy of the current best deck in Clash Royale, the one that combines royal hogs and mega knight in a killer combination. You even have zappies for Modern Royale, which adds to the split push capabilities of this deck. In almost any deck you make, you are going to want to have both log and poison, as those are your own two real spells, besides giant snowball and tornado. Overall, just play this deck like you play the meta one and you should be able to cruise.

Mega Knight Modern Royale DeckMega Knight Deck Modern Royale Clash Royale

If you aren’t a royal hogs fan, focus instead on this mega knight deck, which ditches the royal hogs to have the mega knight take complete control. You still have zappies and the inferno dragon in this deck, mostly to shut down tanks and support. We add in the mega minion for a bit of aerial support, since you are sure to run into some lava hound decks while playing in Modern Royale. To win with this deck, just support the mega knight as well as possible!

Miner Modern Royale Deck

Miner Deck Modern Royale Clash Royale

This deck is going to run extremely cheap, coming in at an average elixir cost of only 3.3 elixir. No card in this deck costs over 4 elixir, which should help you run some fast cycles, getting the miner and battle ram onto the tower as much as you possibly can. This deck has bats, zappies, and goblin gang as support measures, which should do fine to stop most pushes that you will see playing in Modern Royale. Keep cycling back to miner/battle ram combined with poison and you should go far!

Three Musketeers Modern Royale Deck

Three Musketeers Deck Modern Royale Clash Royale

Our final deck for the Modern Royale challenge is going to be a pretty standard three musketeers deck that also features the battle ram as a cheaper option if you can’t always afford the 3Ms. Everything else besides the muskies are pretty cheap, and hopefully the electro wizard and goblin gang will help get your opponent’s poison out. Since there is no fireball or rocket in this challenge, playing three musketeers should actually be pretty safe, just watch out for that poison spell!

With these four decks, I think that your chances of reaching 20 wins are higher than they could ever be. Find out which deck works best for your play style and run with it. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think the best card to be released in Modern Royale is!

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