Goblin Giant CONFIRMED as New Clash Royale Card

The goblin giant has been confirmed as the newest Clash Royale card, as the official Clash Royale team announced today! This new card will be coming in the September 2018 update to Clash Royale. Here’s everything that we know so far about the newest card in Clash Royale, the goblin giant!

Goblin Giant New Card

Clash Royale has been long hinting at a new card with the acronym “GG”. Today, they finally revealed that the GG stands for goblin giant, putting out this video, showcasing the goblin giant for the very first time.

Of course, with the new card finally being confirmed, we do know some basic statistics about the goblin giant. First off, the GG is going to be an epic card, which continues the trend of no more legendary cards.

The other important stat that came out with the announcement of the goblin giant is the elixir cost. The goblin giant will be the fourth 6 elixir epic card, joining giant skeleton, x-bow, and lightning.

Goblin Giant New Card Clash Royale

Let’s talk a bit about gameplay though, since that is the most important part of any new card in Clash Royale. The goblin giant carries two spear goblins on his back, which can attack at any point during the life of the goblin giant. After the goblin giant dies, the two spear goblins will spawn on the map as another bit of extra damage.

Goblin Giant Gameplay Clash Royale

It is unclear right now if the goblin giant will be a defensive-targeting troop, but if I had to guess, I would say yes. This means that it can target any buildings, while the spear goblins on the back will ward off any defensive troops. It seems like the goblin giant is looking like a pretty great card right now, dependent on statistics!

That’s all the information we have right now on the goblin giant, but release date and statistics for this new card will surely be out soon. I’m excited for the September update and can’t wait to see how the goblin giant does. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first impressions are of the newest Clash Royale card!

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