Troop Trading and Emotes in Chat in Clash Royale September Update

Two new features for the September 2018 update have been leaked in Clash Royale, one being troop trading, or card trading  and the other being the ability to use emotes in chat. The two features were leaked by the Clash Royale team and should be coming in the September 2018 update!

Clash Royale August 2018 Update

Troop Trading and Emotes in Chat

When Clash Royale leaked “GG”, which led to the goblin giant, they also leaked another two letters, TT, which was going to be a new feature coming to CR during the September update. Now, it seems like TT is definitely going to be “trading troops”, thanks to what Clash Royale said in response to a Reddit thread.

In the Reddit article, there was a player complaining about not being able to get enough cards and asking to increase the donation limit. In response, Clash Royale wrote this, answering his question and then giving us some leaked information about the September update.

Trading Troops Clash Royale September Update

The only thing that is really important here is the ending sentence, which says there will be a new way to get more cards that you actually want. This definitely indicates that we will see some sort of trading cards. I think that one of the Ts definitely stands for trading, but the other T is unclear right now.

The other thing that is almost completely confirmed is the ability to send emotes in your clan chat. This has been a big issue for a few months now, as almost everyone in the Clash Royale community wants it, especially with all these new emotes you can buy. Here’s another Reddit thread in which the emotes in chat were confirmed!

Emotes in Chat Clash Royale September Update

Emotes in Chat Clash Royale September Update

So in response to “the ability to use emotes in chat”, Clash Royale specifically said to remind them in one week. Along with basically confirming emotes in chat for the September update, they also gave us the release date for the September 2018 update, which is in a week!

A ton of information was announced, but I am really excited to see trading cards and how that will work. With the September 2018 update just a few days away now, be ready for a whole bunch of game-changing updates. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about all of this leaked information!

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