Level 9 Epics, New Troop Levels LEAKED in Clash Royale

There has been more leaks for the September 2018 update for Clash Royale, this one in the form of level 9 epics and new troop leveling. In the balance update today, Clash Royale sent out this picture, which you can see that the barbarian barrel and witch, both epic cards are leveled up to level 9!

Level 9 Epics New Levels Clash Royale September Update

Based on this picture, we know that leveling is going to be completely changed in the September 2018 update. It seems like all rarities of cards will be tournament standard at level 9, but it will be easier to upgrade cards, as you can tell by the number it takes to upgrade in the picture above (valkyrie, witch, barbarian barrel)

Before this update goes live, it takes the same amount of cards to upgrade every rarity to the same level. For example, it took 20 cards to get common, rare, epic, and legendary cards to level 5.

After the September update drops, it seems like the number will drop as the rarity gets harder to obtain. Based on this picture, it will still take 800 common cards to upgrade to 10, but it will only take 200 rare cards and 20 epic cards. We can then assume that all cards will max out at level 13, but the number needed to upgrade should be a lot less.

I’m still not entirely sure how this is going to work and how Clash Royale will change it, since rare, epic, and legendary cards have already been upgraded using old value, but some sort of change to card upgrading IS coming. Thanks a ton for reading and comment below what you think about the new card upgrading system!

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