Clash Royale Balance Changes Update (September 3rd, 2018)

The newest Clash Royale balance changes have been announced, coming with the September update on September 3rd, 2018. In this balancing update, Clash Royale is nerfing the valkyrie and cannon cart, while buffing barbarian barrel and royal recruits! Here are all of the balance changes coming in the September update to Clash Royale!

As always, nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Valkyrie: Hit Speed slower 1.4sec -> 1.6sec
  • Royal Recruits: Damage +12%
  • Barbarian Barrel: Elixir cost decreased 3 -> 2, Damage -9%, Range shorter 7 -> 5, removed knock back
  • Witch: Hitpoints -3.5%
  • Prince: Hitpoints +5%
  • Lightning: Damage +5%
  • Royal Hogs: Hit Speed slower 1.1sec -> 1.2sec
  • Cannon Cart: Range shorter 5.5 –> 5
  • Zappies: Changed reload mechanics

Clash Royale Balance Changes Update September 3rd 2018

Balance Changes Nerfs

In these balance changes, Clash Royale did a perfect job, nerfing the 5 cards that seemed a bit too strong in the current meta. First off, the valkyrie nerf was a long time coming, so it will be good to see her tamed back with a slower hit speed. For the witch, while the spawn rate wasn’t decreased, a HP nerf will make her easier to kill. The royal hogs have been the strongest win condition in Clash Royale, so we see them get a hit speed decrease as well. Another card on the rise from August, was the cannon cart, who’s range decrease will make it tougher to lock onto the tower. I can assume zappies will be a nerf too, since they have been too strong and reload mechanics sounds like it will be tougher to constantly keep something zapped.

Balance Changes Buffs

Clash Royale also did a great job with the buffs, hitting the cards that have seemed underwhelming. Royal recruits, a dangerous card, is getting some damage after being hiked up to 8 elixir. I love what they did with the barbarian barrel, making it equal to log in cost, but nerfing the stats slightly. Prince has distanced himself from the meta, so its good to see him back with a 5% HP buff. Lastly, the lightning, long gone from the meta, will be doing 5% more damage!

I think Clash Royale absolutely NAILED these balance changes and I can’t wait to see how the meta shifts as a result! I’m really excited to see witch and valkyrie nerfs above all else. Thanks for reading and comment below your first impressions of the September balance changes!

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