New Golden Rarity Cards LEAKED in Clash Royale?

New golden rarity cards might have been leaked in Clash Royale for the December 2018 update! The December update should be pretty big, and with it, based on the leak, we may be getting heroes or a new rarity in Clash Royale!

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New Golden Cards

On Twitter, someone tweeted out a picture of a completely maxed out deck, titled “just beat Clash Royale”. In turn, Clash Royale responded with this tweet, indicating that we will see some type of golden rarity or cards in the December 2018 update.

Now it is almost completely unclear as to what these new golden cards could mean. I have three decent ideas, and one of them has to be the correct version coming in the December 2018 update!

  1. Golden=maxed out cards: The way that the tweet is phrased makes it seem as if all this update will be is making all the maxed out cards gold. Of course, this might mean like 14 cards, but I feel like Clash Royale would stay away from this.
  2. New rarity/hero rarity: This seems like a pretty likely option, as Clash Royale has been teasing heroes for over 6 months now. We know that heroes are coming at some point, just not when. A golden rarity certainly seems like a hero-like theme.
  3. New golden skins: Maybe, once cards hit the maxed level, they will have a golden skin that goes over them in order to distinguish them from non-maxed cards. This seems a little far-fetched and complicated though.

Of course, I could be completely wrong to and it could be none of the above options! I really can’t wait to see what Clash Royale brings us in the December 2018 update. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think these new golden cards could be!

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