Brawl Stars Global Launch + How to Play Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, the newest Supercell game that has been in beta since June 2017, is finally going global and will be Supercell’s 5th game! Brawl Stars is a shoot-em-up game where you play three on three in different game modes. Here’s the Brawl Stars global announcement, as well as how you can play Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars Global Launch Pre Registration

Brawl Stars Global Announcement

It all began when Brawl Stars went completely inactive on social media, deleting all their tweets, posts, and videos. A lot of players thought Supercell was going to kill Brawl Stars, but the other half thought that this finally meant global launch. Sure enough, Brawl Stars had a live stream this morning announcing that it would be going global!

However, Brawl Stars won’t be global until December, leaving some more time in beta. With the announce of global, you can know sign up to play Brawl Stars in December!

How to Play Brawl Stars

Now obviously, you won’t be able to play Brawl Stars until December, but you can sign up to be one of the first players to play global Brawl Stars. You’ll need to pre-register for the game. Here’s a trailer hyping up Brawl Stars and pre-registerring.

In order to pre-register, go to and fill out your email to get the notifications about any news Brawl Stars might have. In the mean time, here’s our Brawl Stars category for Clash for Dummies, so you can read up on the newest Supercell game!

I’m super excited to finally see some movement from Brawl Stars after it sitting in beta for so long. This is a really exciting game and almost as tilting as Clash Royale! Thanks for reading and comment below if we should post Brawl Stars content on this website!

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