Star Levels, Heist Gamemode in Clash Royale December Update

Today, Clash Royale announced their first sneak peek for the December 2018 update, in the form of TV Royale, indicating that we will be seeing golden skins (star levels), a new heist gamemode, and new limited time cards! Here’s everything we know so far about the Clash Royale December update!

Clash Royale December Update

First off, here’s the TV Royale that Clash Royale put out talking about the initial changes coming in the December 2018 update to Clash Royale!

Let’s discuss everything that Clash Royale mentioned in this update, seeing as it is quite a lot. First off, this is the first of two TV Royales, so we will see more sneak peeks tomorrow! Here’s all the content changes that will be coming in the December update…

Star Levels

Star levels seems to be one of the biggest things coming in the December update. Basically, star levels will unlock golden cosmetics for any card you have that is maxed out. There are three different levels of star levels, with each level bringing new changes to the card.

  • Star level one: new deploy effect and golden border
  • Star level two: gives cosmetic changes to your cards
  • Star level three: even further cosmetic changes

Star Levels Clash Royale December 2018 Update

How do you gain more star levels though? You get star levels by gaining star points. Once you hit king level 13, you can earn star points from donating or upgrading cards. All of these star points go together to let you upgrade any maxed card that you want with star points.

Star Levels Clash Royale December 2018 Update

New Gamemode: Heist Mode

Ever since touchdown was a bit of a disappointment, we have been yearning for a new gamemode. We are going to get the heist gamemode in the December 2018 update, which is a limited time 1v1 mode.

Heist Gamemode Clash Royale December 2018 Update

Heist comes straight out of Brawl Stars, where you have a safe that you need to defend. In the Clash Royale version, there will be a safe for each player. Think of this gamemode as only having your king tower and trying to defend it while taking out the other player’s king tower.

Heist gamemode isn’t the only thing coming out out of Brawl Stars into Clash Royale though! We will also get two brawlers turning into limited time cards in Bo and Shelly. Both Bo and Shelly will be able to be drafted in heist gamemode.

New Cards Clash Royale December 2018 Update

It appears as if Bo will be similar to the magic archer while Shelly will be similar to the a musketeer. Of course, they will have to have their differences otherwise they wouldn’t be added into Clash Royale!

Name Changes for Gems

One of the most requested things in a Clash Royale update is the need for a name change for gems. Clash Royale has come out with one-time name changes before, but this time the name change will be permanent.

Of course, everytime that you choose to change your name, the cost will increase by 500 gems. The first name change will cost 500 gems, the next 1000, and so on.

Trade Token Changes

Thankfully, Clash Royale is also completely revamping the trade token situation. Now, every player will need a trade token in order to trade, in an attempt to prevent trade sniping. Since it will now effectively cost 2 tokens to complete a change, Clash Royale has more than doubled the trade token drop rate.

Buy Emotes for Gems

The final change mentioned in this update video was that emotes will now be available in the shop. This means that not only will you still be able to buy them for $2.99, but you will also be able to buy them with gems. I assume that each pack of emotes will cost 500 or 1,000 gems.

That is all that Clash Royale told us in this episode of TV Royale, but they promised that a second one will be coming tomorrow with even more sneak peeks, including world tournaments, whatever that might be. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about these updates in Clash Royale!

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4 thoughts on “Star Levels, Heist Gamemode in Clash Royale December Update

  1. Star Levels on your cards don’t give any bit of leeway in fight. The main application is unadulterated corrective – including some gold components onto your soldiers is all that you get. All things considered, numerous players would murder for Star Points to additionally advance with their record. How to gather Star Points in the most proficient manner?


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  3. Shelly is actually similar to Hunter, not Musketeer. Remember in brawl stars, Shelly has to get close to deal really high damage, which is exactly the same as hunter


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