New Tournament System, Continue Button in Clash Royale December Update

The second part of the sneak peeks for the Clash Royale December update is here, giving us a new tournament system and more tournament rewards, as well as improvements to the game and a continue button in special events and challenges. Here’s everything that this second sneak peek talks about!

New Tournament System

This biggest change that this part of the update mentions is the new tournament system that is coming. Right now, tournaments are one of the biggest failures in Clash Royale, so it is good to see these revamped a bit.

Basically, Clash Royale says that the more games you win, the more rewards that you unlock. This will have nothing to do with your placing in the tournament. Every new win that you get will unlock a new reward!

New Tournament System Rewards Clash Royale December 2018 Update

Also, the top finishers in the tournament will be receiving additional rewards, as already in the game. This is all kind of confusing, so here is the Clash Royale team explaining the new tournament system.

Also, the new tournament system is going to be global, which should make it much easier to find a tournament to play in.

Other Sneak Peeks

New tournaments aren’t the only things that were announced in this sneak peek. Here’s everything else that should be coming in the December 2018 update to Clash Royale!

Better Clan War Bounties

I assume that this means that we will be getting more gold, as well as a much better chance to pull a trade token out of bounties. You will also be able to get gems from the ramped-up bounties. Glad this is happening so we can have better rewards from each clan war.

Clan Search Improvements

This is really vague, but hopefully it means more requirements so that it makes it easier to find an active, good clan that you can fit into well.

Add 2v2 Friends

Ever have a 2v2 partner that you meshed with super well? Now, you’ll be able to add them as a friend in the chat immediately following a 2v2 battle.

Continue Special Event Challenges

If you have ever fallen short of unlocking the new card, Clash Royale is adding a new feature that lets you continue with the amount of wins that you had and eliminate the losses. I’m sure that this is going to cost a whole lot of gems though, so don’t get your hopes up too high. However, if you are really close to getting some big rewards, it might be worth it.

All of this, combined with the sneak peeks from yesterday, is going to be the full December 2018 update to Clash Royale. This looks to be a pretty awesome update and I cannot wait to see it go live, presumably tomorrow. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this December update!

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