Brawl Stars December 2018 Update Patch Notes

As well as Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars is also going to have a December update, which brings 3-D maps and a new brawler, Leon, into the game. Here’s everything that is coming in the December 2018 update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars December 2018 Update Global Release

Brawl Stars December Update

New Brawler – Leon

  • Basic attack – Leaf Blades

    • Throws 4 Shurikens in an arc with medium range

    • Shurikens deal more damage closer to the target

  • Super – Smoke Bomb

    • Leon goes invisible for 10 seconds

    • Leon is revealed permanently after attacking and briefly when taking damage

    • Leon is visible when carrying Brawl Ball during invisibility

    • Leon is briefly visible when picking up stars, gems, power-ups and other items during invisibility

    • Pets/Turrets etc. do not see Leon during invisibility

  • Star Power – Smoke Trails

    • Leon moves faster while invisible

New Skins and Models

  • New Models – Shelly, Bull, Nita, Barley, Dynamike, and Brock

  • Revamped Skins – Bandita Shelly, Viking Bull, Panda Nita, Golden Barley, Beach Brock

  • Star Shelly – Available for free to everyone who plays Brawl Stars before 2019

  • Wizard Barley – Available after connecting to Supercell ID. Also unlocks Barley if you have not obtained him!

3D Environment/UI

  • All maps have been upgraded to 3D!

  • New UI and loading screen!

  • Map preview shown by pressing the “i” button

  • Keys renamed to Tokens

  • Star Keys renamed to Star Tokens

  • Bands renamed to Clubs

  • Boss Fight renamed to Big Game

Game Modes

  • New Modifier – Healing Mushrooms: Spawns an area that heals players

  • Robo Rumble Map Adjustments

    • Larger map with enemies attacking from all sides

    • Charge ability removed from high level melee bots

  • Life Leech

    • All player based healing (for example Barley’s Star Power, Pam’s Star Power) is reduced by 75%

    • If a player dies from life leech ticking damage and is poisoned at the same time give full health to the player who poisoned him

  • Angry Robo Modifier Changes

    • Robo no longer sees into bushes

    • Robo cannot hide in bushes

    • Robo drops 5 power cubes on death

    • Pets/Turrets now target Robo

    • Brawlers can charge their Super by shooting Robo

  • Practice mode removed (Can still play with bots in friendly rooms)

Social Changes

  • Game Rooms → Teams

  • Anyone can invite more people to the team from their friends list

  • Players can request to join a team

Map Changes

  • Gem Grab, Bounty, Heist and Brawl Ball maps are now 4 tiles wider

  • Brawl Ball – Players now spawn behind the goal

  • Heist – Players now spawn behind the safe

Gameplay Changes

  • All Super abilities can now be activated at any time when charged (can interrupt attacks)

  • Respawn location indicators have been added

  • Brawl Ball aiming direction is shown to teammates

  • Haptic feedback added for easier aiming cancellation (vibration when joystick is in the middle area)


  • New Voices: Penny, Pam, and Poco

  • New music

  • Brawler respawn SFX


  • Ticketed game mode moved into their own slot

  • Modifier game mode (4th slot) will be always available

  • Free Coins, Power Points, Key Doubler and Tickets added to the daily free item rotation along with the pre-existing free Brawl Box

  • Matchmaking improvements

  • New languages

So this is a pretty massive update as Brawl Stars prepares to go global in just a few days. I cannot wait for Brawl Stars to be a worldwide game and think that this update sets it up perfectly! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the new update!

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