First Sneak Peeks for Clash Royale January/February 2019 Update

Clash Royale put out the first inklings of the “January or February 2019” update today, announcing that the first update of 2019 would be either at the end of January or the beginning of February. Here’s everything we know about the January/February 2019 update to Clash Royale!

Clash Royale January February 2019 Update Leaked

January/February Update

Beginning today, Clash Royale announced, for all of 2019, that they wanted to have weekly announcements, discussing what they were working on in the past week. For the first weekly log, they announced that they had been focused on the following this past week in January:

Clash Royale January February 2019 Update

It seems as this is (hopefully) what Clash Royale will be adding in the January/February update in a few weeks. “Something ENTIRELY NEW” sounds like some sort of new gamemode, kind of like how touchdown revolutionized gameplay.

It is also great that clan wars 2.0 are coming, since, while clan wars are pretty fun and exciting, they are beyond flawed. The team doesn’t know what clan wars 2.0 will look like yet, but are excited about the potential.

The other things mentioned are just gameplay and UI improvements that should make Clash Royale a lot more fun to play. Here’s what Clash Royale said about the next update in 2019:

Clash Royale January February 2019 Update

With the end of January only being two weeks away, we hopefully will start seeing the first definitive sneak peeks to the update in a bit over a week. However, with how the team has preformed in the past, it is likely that we won’t see this update until late February.

While this does provide us with some update hype, the more important and vital thing is that Clash Royale will have much more communication with the players through these weekly updates. Thanks for reading and comment below what you want to see in the first update of 2019!

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