Clash Royale January 2019 Update Release Notes

The Clash Royale January 2019 update is released, bringing with it a new card called wall breakers and a new arena called Spooky Town. This new Clash Royale update looks amazing and here are the full update release notes!

Clash Royale January 2019 Update

Clash Royale January 2019 Update

  • Reach Spooky Town at 3600 Trophies
  • Legendary Arena moved to 4000 Trophies
  • All chests obtained at 4000 Trophies and above now contain more cards and Gold!
  • Watch the latest episode of TV Royale for more info!
  • Year of the Hogs: Royal Hogs keep spawning for both you and your opponent!
  • Mini Collection: Create a deck from a freshly generated collection of 40 cards!
  • Look out for these new game modes appearing throughout February
  • Year of the Hogs gameplay!
  • Mini Collection gameplay!
  • Trading will be easier now that you can select up to 4 cards to give away when initiating a trade (only 1 will be given away)
  • Added the option to set “max losses” in Private Tournaments
  • Private Tournaments are now automatically shared to your Clan Chat
  • Clan recommendations now show up to 5 Clans with your friends in!
  • With the addition of Spooky Town, we’ve reshuffled several card unlocks throughout the Arenas – so you may have access to some new cards now!
  • Note: any cards that you’ve already unlocked will still appear in your chests 🙂

Kind of a smaller update with a whole lot of new features not coming, but good changes overall. I’m especially excited to see how wall breakers change the deck meta. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the Clash Royale January 2019 update!

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