Clash Royale Balance Changes Update (February 4th, 2019)

New balance changes are here in Clash Royale, with a buff coming to cards like the cannon cart and the clone and nerfs coming for the three musketeers and freeze. This balancing update will be released February 4th, 2019 in Clash Royale, with 7 different nerfs and buffs coming. Here are all the balance changes coming to the January 2019 balancing update to Clash Royale!

As always, nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Musketeer: Damage +3%
  • Three Musketeers: Elixir Cost increased 9 -> 10
  • Freeze: Damage -6%, Freeze Duration Reduced 5.0sec -> 4.0sec
  • Cannon Cart: Hit Speed faster 1.3 -> 1.2
  • Knight: Hitpoints +2.5%
  • Dart Goblin: Hit Speed slower 0.65sec -> 0.7sec
  • Clone: New Clone placement (Clone now placed behind Cloned troop)

Clash Royale Balance Changes Update February 4th 2019

Balance Changes Buffs

There are four buffs in these balance changes, but since there wasn’t a glaring weak card, all are kind of touch up changes. Musketeer, in a buff to the three musketeers in response to the nerf, will deal 3% more damage. Cannon cart is being changed again, making the hit speed back to 1.2 seconds. Another popular balancing update card, the knight, will be getting a tad bit more heal after the February balance changes. Finally, the weakest card, the clone, will now spawn the cloned units directly behind the original troop, making it much harder to kill the cloned troops.

Balance Changes Nerfs

The two biggest and most OP cards in Clash Royale are the freeze and three musketeers, and both will be receiving nerfs. For the three musketeers, their cost will be reverted back to 10 elixir, making it even more risky to play them. As for the freeze, the damage will be decreased and the duration will also be a second shorter. Finally, the dart goblin (out of nowhere), is getting a .05 second decrease in hit speed, which is almost miniscule.

Now while there wasn’t a nerf to the barbarian barrel, I think that nerfing the 3M and freeze was a good place to start. Hopefully after these balance changes, the meta is a lot more fun to play in. Thanks for reading and comment below what you thought about these February balance changes in Clash Royale!

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