Brawl Stars April 2019 Update LEAKED (New Brawler, Safe Wars)

A new update has been leaked in Brawl Stars, which should be launching in April 2019. This is not an April Fool’s joke, as all of these leaks have been data mined from Brawl Stars. The update includes a new game mode called Safe Wars, a new rare brawler, and night mode! Here’s everything that was leaked in the Brawl Stars April update!

Brawl Stars April 2019 Update

Brawl Stars April Update

New Rare Brawler! (Coming soon!)

The new Rare Brawler is a versatile attacker that can hover across the water, while engaging with his enemies!

New Character Models



El Primo




New Features and Game Changes

Brawl TV (New Brawl TV tab)

New Map Type (Modern City)

Night Mode

Weather In-game (Snow_Weather, Rain_Weather, Thunderstorm_Weather, Night_Weather)

Name Change (125 gems)

Big Game in Friendly Game Room

Modifier selection available in Friendly Game Room

Life Leech (Unlock at 800+ trophies when playing Showdown)

Launch Pad reload speed decrease (250 ->100)

New Brawler Levels (Max Cap: 10 ->15) – No information on this yet!

New Community Maps

4 new Showdown maps (Removing Cavern Churn, replacing Island Invasion with community balanced version)

3 new Gem Grab maps

3 new Heist maps

4 new Bounty maps

2 new Big Game maps (Big Brawler cannot be launched by the push trap)

Launch Pads added to different maps on all Game Modes

New Game Mode

Safe Wars – Defend your safe while destroying your enemy’s safes

4 Teams of 3

Setting – Showdown

Safe HP – 25000

Power Cubes are not shared

Power Cube mine at the center of the map (2×2 tiles)

No Poison Gas

Player respawns until end of match

Time: 3 min

Random Modifiers spawns anywhere on the map at 1 min (includes all modifiers)

Ranks determined by the HP of each team’s safe


Rank 1 – (+10 Trophies – 40 Keys)

Rank 2 – (+5 Trophies – 20 Keys)

Rank 3 – (-4 Trophies – 10 Keys)

Rank 4 – (-8 Trophies – 0 Keys)


Easter Background

Easter Loading Screen

New Music

(Easter Music 1) []

(Easter Music 2) []

New Skins (Surprising to have some u/GEDI_KOR skins coming)

BUNNY LEON (150 Gems)

WITCH TARA (150 Gems)

KING FRANK (150 Gems)



NIGHT WITCH MORTIS (Remodel) (150 Gems -> 80 Gems)

New Rare Brawler

Nickname – ClusterBombDude

HP – 4400

Star Power – hoverboard (has a value of 200)


Currently has Legendary as a placeholder

Balance Changes

Crow: Increased main attack damage per tick from 280 to 300. Increased Super damage per second from 280 to 300. Star Power rework: An enemy’s damage percentage will decrease when they are poisoned and at lower health. The lower the opponent’s HP, the higher the damage decrease (up to 50%)

Piper: Increased Super damage per grenade from 800 to 1000 – speed of super increases (makes her land faster)

Frank: Increased Star Power duration from 10 sec to 13 sec

Carl: Movement speed increases from 720 to 820.

Penny: Decrease main attack damage from 840 to 800. Increased Super damage per second from 1200 to 1300

Pam: Decreased main HP from 4400 to 4000

Shelly: Increased main attack damage per shell it close range from 300 to 340. Decrease Super damage per second from 320 to 280.


Easter Pack – 170 Gems – 2 Mega Boxes – 1500 Coins – 5.99$ USD

Easter Surprise Pack – 30 Gems – 1 Big Box – 500 Coins – 0$ USD (FREE)

Of course, as with all leaks, all of this data might be fake. But, there is always the strong possibility that some, if not all of it, is completely true. This is our first glance at what the April 2019 update might contain and if its all true, this update is sure to be an awesome one in Brawl Stars. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the update!

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13 thoughts on “Brawl Stars April 2019 Update LEAKED (New Brawler, Safe Wars)

  1. I love brawlstars but brawlstar delay update why my name is tushar and my friend name mukesh search for this and no rply will come so we are very exite for update pls brawlstar pls supecell 🙂


  2. This sounds like a April fools joke, but this was posted the day after.

    The Easter music just leads you to one of the snow soundtracks and Rick Astley’s Never gonna give you up. (These are possible place holders, but sounds like a April fools joke).

    Some of these skins were in a older leak and Frank said it was fake. (Night witch mortis remodel, musketeer penny, Easter Mike and bunny leon)

    But then again, some of this might be true.


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