Clash of Clans April 2019 Update Release Notes

The Clash of Clans April 2019 update is live in game, bringing season challenges and hero skins into the game. Here are the full patch notes for the April 2019 update in Clash of Clans!

April 2019 Update Release Notes

Season Challenges Are Here!

Introducing the Season Challenges, a new game mode with incredible prizes!

• Earn a new exclusive Hero Skin each month by finishing Season Challenges with Gold Pass! April Season introduces the Gladiator Barbarian King skin!

Read our Season Challenges Q&A, or watch the developer update here.

Bigger Wars & Top Scores
  • New 30v30 for Bronze III through Master I leagues
  • War League Rewards Restructured
  • In-game Champion I Leaderboard (Clan’s position in Champion I group > Stars earned, with Destruction % for tiebreaker)

Read the announcement in this post.

In-game Economy Changes

Shorter building upgrade times, cheaper building upgrade costs, shorter Laboratory upgrade times, cheaper Troop & Spell Training Costs!

See the full list of changes here.

New Levels and Balance Changes
  • Archer Tower and Cannon level 17
  • Witch level 5, Hog Rider level 9, Ice Golem level 5 (Laboratory level 10 required)
  • Ice Golem, Wall Breakers, Bomb Trap and Tornado Trap re-balanced
  • Builder Base: Giant Cannon damage on Battle Machine rebalanced. Battle Machine’s regeneration time has been reduced to match the training time of Training Camps.

More info can be found here.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • X-Bows, Inferno Towers, and Eagle Artillery will automatically be reloaded for free when you log back into the game
  • Magic Items inventory button can now be found in the Town Hall instead of the Clan Castle
  • Leaders and Co-Leaders will be able to delete donated troops from other Clan Members’ War Clan Castles.
  • Leadership rotation in Clan. If a Clan Leader becomes inactive for 90 days, Leadership will automatically pass to the next senior active Co-Leader (seniority = how long players has been in that clan).
  • Clouds in matchmaking screen get a brand new “dark mode”

This is sort of a small update, especially with the biggest feature being a paid addition. Still though, if you are willing to fork over $5 every month, Clash of Clans can be a lot more enjoyable. Thanks for reading and comment below your impressions are of the April update in CoC!

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