New Earthquake Spell in Clash Royale April 2019 Update

The newest card in Clash Royale has been announced for the April 2019 update, with Clash Royale tweeting out a picture of the new card today. This new card will be the earthquake spell from Clash of Clans, adding another damage spell into CR. Here’s everything we know about the earthquake spell in Clash Royale!

Earthquake Spell Clash Royale

Earthquake Spell in April Update

The last card released into CR was the wall breakers, way back in February, so Clash Royale definitely was in need of a new card to add in the game. This morning, Clash Royale tweeted out the following picture, along with the caption that clearly indicates that this card leak is going to be the earthquake spell.

Now, besides this one picture and gameplay in Clash of Clans, we have almost no idea what the earthquake spell will be like. This could be a cheap, medium, or heavy card depending on how much damage it deals and the duration it lasts. I could definitely see this being the first one elixir card that does enough damage to kill a skeleton or a seven elixir spell that wrecks havoc across the map.

It is still early, and Drew did say that we will be learning more about the earthquake spell further along in the week. We will have new content out as soon as we know more about the earthquake spell. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the newest card in Clash Royale!

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