Emergency Rosa Nerf in Brawl Stars Balance Changes

After Rosa was released, she was immediately the most OP brawler in Brawl Stars. She became the meta, being the best brawler to ever be in Brawl Stars. As a stronger El Primo, she was dominating all gamemodes in Brawl Stars.

Rosa Balance Changes

Rosa Balance Changes

Here are the changes that have been released with the addition of the balance changes today. Only Rosa was buffed in these balance changes, since she was the real problem in the game.

  • Super Shield damage reduction from 80% to 70%
  • Super Shield duration from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Fixed a bug with Enemy Rosa’s shield effect not being displayed correctly

Honestly, I don’t even think this is enough to bring Rosa back to Earth. She is probably still going to be the best brawler in the game. I think her normal damage needed a nerf as well. Still, this is a place to start with reining her to a good level.

I’m happy with Brawl Stars’ quick response to the Rosa problem. The game was literally unplayable with Rosa in that state, so having that threat quickly dealt with means Supercell is paying attention to issues in the game. Let’s hope this nerf is enough to tone down Rosa a lot.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Rosa Nerf in Brawl Stars Balance Changes

  1. She’s still OP, still no point using El Primo right now……..

    I hope El Primo will receive a buff along with more Rosa nerf


    • I think Rosa will be nerfed again more fully in the real balance changes and hopefully El Primo does get that buff too!


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