League Season Reset & New Trophy Road Rewards

After some backlash from the community, Clash Royale has changed the league season reset and also changed around some of the rewards that come from trophy road. This update comes after many players were complaining about the weak trophy road rewards and the insane season reset. Here’s all the changes that have occurred in this mini May update to Clash Royale!May Update Clash Royale Trophy Road Rewards

League Season Reset + Trophy Road Rewards

As you know, after each season, League Trophies are reset to a certain point. With this new reset, you will be set to 50% of your Trophies ABOVE 4000.

It was previously stated that this would be 75%, but after checking the data they realized that it would be better for players to remain on a 50% Trophy reset.

So how does the League Season reset work with Trophy Road?

Collect Trophy Road Rewards (above 4000 Trophies)

All Trophy Road rewards from 4000 to your new reset Trophy count will be available to collect as soon as the Season kicks off. The rest of the Trophy Road rewards above 4000 will also reset – so keep climbing that Trophy Road!

If you didn’t collect any rewards during the last Season (April), don’t worry — they will be collected automatically!New Trophy Road Rewards Clash Royale

No more Common Token!

New 4000+ Rewards!

After listening to community feedback, some internal discussions, and checking through data – we decided to change some Trophy Road rewards!

Trophy Road April rewards (OLD) May rewards (NEW)
4150 1 Common Token 1 Epic Token
4450 1 Rare Token 5 Random Epic Cards
4800 1 Epic Token 1 Legendary Token
4900 Lightning Chest Epic Chest
5150 1 Legendary Token 50 Random Rare Cards
5800 1 Common Token 10 Random Epic Cards

I’m really happy they made these changes, as having 75% of your trophies removed after each season was a little bit excessive. Also, with better season rewards, it gives players more of an incentive to push. That’s all for this brief May update, thanks for reading and comment below your opinions of the changes!

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