New Brawler LEAKED in Brawl Stars Retropolis Update

A new brawler has been leaked in Brawl Stars during the newest Retropolis update video. We know almost nothing about this new brawler, besides the fact that he is assumed to be coming in the next update. Here’s everything we know about the newest leaked brawler in Brawl Stars!

New Brawler Leaked

If you haven’t been following Brawl Stars on Twitter, they have been tweeting clips of this new Retropolis map/area/update that seems to be the base of the next update. They finally released the entire video, which you can view below!

In the thumbnail and in the middle of the video, you can see the following image which shows Bull, Crow, and a new brawler in the middle, which we haven’t seen before.

New Brawler Leaked Brawl Stars Update

It looks as if this new brawler is holding a sword of some sort, which means he should be a melee brawler. Besides that fact, we don’t know the rarity of this new brawler or any statistics until it is either released or Brawl Stars gives us more information.

It is exciting to know that a new brawler will be coming in the next update! Hopefully this new one isn’t as OP as Rosa was upon release. As the update gets closer, we will have more and more information so check back shortly! Thanks for reading and comment below your thoughts on the newest brawler in Brawl Stars!

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