Brawl Stars May 2019 Update (Bibi, Retropolis Gamemode)

The Brawl Stars May 2019 update is in full swing now, bringing with it a new brawler named Bibi and the new Retropolis game mode. Here’s everything that we know that is coming in the May 2019 update to Brawl Stars!

Brawl Stars May Update

The Brawl Talk, where the Brawl Stars team usually shares what is coming in the next update, was finally released this morning, which means we generally know everything that is coming in the May update. Here’s the May Brawl Talk, if you haven’t had a chance to view it yet.

Let’s go ahead and touch on everything that they talked about coming in the May update during Brawl Talk, starting with the new brawler, Bibi!

New Brawler: Bibi

After Rosa, I’m a bit apprehensive about a new brawler being added and Bibi does nothing to qualm my fears. Bibi is going to be a baseball bat wielding girl, but we know nothing about her rarity. Her main attack is going to be a slightly ranged attack that seems to have a pretty wide range. Here’s an image of her attacking.

Bibi Attack Brawl Stars Update

Here are her stats at max level:

  • 5,800 hitpoints
  • Attack damage: 1,960
  • Reload time: very fast

The most important thing to note is that Bibi has a unique mechanic. If she isn’t using her attacks, she has a secondary bar that charges up. Once this bar is full, she can have a much more powerful attack that includes a knock back effect.

Bibi Attack Brawl Stars Update

This IS NOT her super attack. It is used in additional to her main attack. We are unsure about what Bibi’s super ability is at this point.

New Retropolis Gamemode 

To go along with Bibi as a leather greaser, we have the Retropolis gamemode/environment. My guess is that some new maps will be Retropolis themed instead of what they are currently. Here’s a look at what the Retropolis maps will look like.

Retropolis Brawl Stars May Update

New Brawler Skins

One exciting part of this update is more skins coming to Brawl Stars! There are going to be 4 new skins making their appearance into the game, which are all listed below.

  • Hot Rock Brock
  • Road Rage Carl
  • Bake Sale Barley
  • Maple Barley

Here are pictures of each of the new skins, in order from how they are stated in the above list.

Hot Rock Brock Skin Brawl Stars

Road Rage Carl Skin Brawl Stars

Bake Sale Barley Skin Brawl Stars

Maple Barley Skin Brawl Stars

Personally, I really like Road Rage Carl and Maple Barley, but the other two skins are also great as well, Let’s hope that Brawl Stars keeps releasing skins at a high rate.

Balance Changes 

Lastly, there are going to be balance changes, as there is with almost every update. I don’t know what the balance changes are going to be yet, but I do know that there is going to be a nerf to Leon’s invisibility, making it last only 1 second. It should be easier to recharge though since it is such a strong nerf.

That’s all for this May update to Brawl Stars. I’m super excited about this update and cannot wait to see the new skins in game. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the new update!

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