New Magic Item (Research Potion) in Clash of Clans June Update

The first sneak peek of the Clash of Clans June 2019 update is here, announcing a new magic item! This new magic item will be a research potion, which will speed up Laboratory research times by 10 times! Here’s everything we know about the research potion and the CoC June update!

Research Potion Clash of Clans June Update

New Research Potion

Being the first sneak peek of the next update, we don’t know much about the update so far. Here’s what the Clash of Clans team said about the research potion!

The Research Potion is the culmination of Wizardly and Goblin alchemical research. They got a telescope, a microscope, an oscilloscope, and a stethoscope and did approximately 45 minutes of hard molecular and arcane science. After a rather loud and ominous explosion, the Research Potion was the accidental result of these…efforts.

The Research Potion is a brand new Magic Item to be released in the June Update and will speed up your Lab Research times by 10x for an hour.

And check out that cool sinister bottle with the alluring, velvety liquid that just begs to be utilized.

So despite all of that background, the research potion is a pretty simple spell that should make it much easier to upgrade some of your troops and spells. We don’t know how many gems the research potion will cost from the trader. Here’s are some other smaller sneak peeks that were included in this one!

Changes to the League Shop

There are going to be some inventory changes to the League Shop with the June Update. This is mostly going to be balancing of the different magic items.

  • Training Potions will be available for 10 League Medals.
  • Research Potions will cost 20 League Medals.
  • Builder Potions will now cost 30 League Medals.

Changes to Magic Hammers

The introduction of Magic Hammers offered a powerful new way to upgrade your village. With the June update, there will be a 7-day cooldown on all Magic Hammers. This means that when you purchase a Magic Hammer in the League Shop, there will be a 7-day cooldown period before that same kind of Hammer can be purchased again.

For example, if you purchase a Hammer of Heroes then you will not be able to purchase another Hammer of Heroes for 7 days. However, you are still able to purchase any of the other Hammers. Basically, Clash of Clans is trying to nerf magic hammers.

That’s all for the first sneak peek of the June 2019 update! The next sneak peek will be coming on Thursday, June 6th, so check back for more then! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of this first sneak peek for the next update!

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2 thoughts on “New Magic Item (Research Potion) in Clash of Clans June Update

  1. i think research potion sucks..
    since research potion costs 20 medals where hammers are 120,
    6 * research potion costs same as one hammer.
    but 6 research potion only reduces 54 hrs which is about 2.5 days,
    while hammers reduce more time and elixirs..


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