New Star Powers LEAKED in Brawl Stars Update

A new Brawl Stars update is coming soon, presumably to be the June, but maybe July 2019 update. In this next update, we know that we will be getting new star powers for all brawlers based on a video the Brawl Stars team sent out. Here’s everything we know about the new star powers!

Brawl Stars June Update New Star Powers

New Star Powers Leaked

This morning, on the eve of Brawl Talk being released, the Brawl Stars team decided to hype up the players a bit with this sneak peek video.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it is pretty obvious that some of these words go directly with brawlers. They also all sound like they would  be the name of star powers. Because each of the colors indicate rarity, we can make a pretty good guess on which star powers go with which brawler.

  • Band-Aid –> Shelly
  • Hyper Bear –> Nita
  • Demolition –> Dynamike
  • Tough Guy –> Bull
  • Rocket No. 4 –> Brock
  • Shocky –> Jessie
  • Snare a Bear –> Bo
  • Magnum Special –> Colt
  • Thorny Gloves –> Rosa
  • Extra Noxious –> Barley
  • Screeching Solo –> Poco
  • Meteor Rush –> El Primo
  • Protective Pirouette –> Penny
  • Robo Retreat –> Carl
  • Rolling Reload –> Darryl
  • Balls of Fire –> Rico
  • Snappy Sniping –> Piper
  • Sponge –> Frank
  • Mama’s Squeeze –> Pam
  • Batting Stance –> Bibi
  • Pat on the Back –> Gene
  • Healing Shade –> Mortis
  • Coiled Snake –> Tara
  • Well Oiled –> NEW BRAWLER
  • Carrion Crow –> Crow
  • Curveball –> Spike
  • Invisiheal –> Leon

Since the “Well Oiled” is one too many, we can assume that there will be a new brawler in Brawl Stars. What’s more, this new brawler will be a mystic brawler, since it showed up in red.

So this is just the start to the June 2019 update in Brawl Stars. Check back tomorrow for the entire update recap once Brawl Talk releases. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think each star power will be!

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