Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars (July 2019)

The Brawl Stars meta is constantly shifting, as new brawlers are released and old brawlers get nerfed and buffed. With different game modes (Showdown, Heist, Gem Grab, Bounty, Siege, Brawl Ball), different brawlers excel in certain game modes. Here are our overall power rankings of each brawler for July 2019!

You can view the old ranking here:

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the April rankings.

Brawler Power Rankings

#27- Poco

Poco Brawl Stars

Without a doubt, Poco is one of my favorite brawlers in concept, but he fails a bit when you are actually using him. Poco doesn’t really do enough damage which makes him purely a support brawler. I would like to see Poco become a little bit more viable in gamemodes like Showdown and Bounty, but he needs a buff before that happens.

#26- Mortis

Mortis Brawl Stars

I think that the basic idea of Mortis, though interesting is a bit flawed. There is no way Mortis will ever be able to take out tankier, stronger brawlers like El Primo and Bull at close range. This leaves him in a weird place, where he is great at taking out Dynamikes and Barley. I’d like to see a small damage buff come to Mortis.

#25- Piper

Piper Brawl Stars

As many of us know, Piper is really only good in one gamemode, Bounty. It is tough to play Piper in anything else, especially Showdown since she can be overwhelmed by practically any brawler. I’m not sure exactly what it would take to make Piper into a great brawler, but maybe some sort of small rework could go a long way.

#24- Tick

Tick Brawl Stars

Tick is the newest brawler added in Brawl Stars and I have to say, I was a little bit overwhelmed playing him for the first time. He is an amazing crowd control brawler, especially in gamemodes like Gem Grab and Siege, but in Bounty and Showdown, it is nearly impossible to win with him. I think he needs a smaller radius for his bombs.

#23- Barley

Barley Brawl Stars

I used to really love playing Barley, but I barely (barley) even use him anymore. There is almost no way to 1v1 any other brawler, unless you have some extreme skill. Like Tick, he is pretty good as a crowd control brawler in Gem Grab and Siege, but can’t really get it done in other gamemodes like Bounty and Showdown.

#22- Tara

Tara Brawl Stars

I actually just unlocked Tara and after playing against her for some time now, I knew what to expect. Tara is a decent, though underwhelming brawler who isn’t really anything special. If you want a medium range unit who can do some quick damage, Tara is the brawler for you. There’s nothing else really there though.

#21- Jessie

Jessie Brawl Stars

The idea of Jessie, with a weapon that can bounce around to other brawlers, is so interesting to me! The issue with this is that in more spread out gamemodes like Showdown and Heist, the best part of her attack is pointless. The turret is still a good super to have, but I wish that everything about Jessie was a bit more powerful.

#20- Frank

Frank Brawl Stars

Obviously, the big flaw with Frank is the amount of time it takes him to attack. This makes it really tough for him to get close enough to other brawlers in order to hit them. But if you are able to bait one in, Frank can quickly deal a ton of damage. Not to mention, his super is one of the best in Brawl Stars if you manage to hit someone with it.

#19- Nita

Nita Brawl Stars

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nita, but her bear can be an absolute game changer if used correctly. I don’t think Nita’s attack is anything special, which makes it clear why her ranking is this low. There’s a lot of room for Nita to improve, but I think she needs a damage buff or a hit speed increase.

#18- Shelly

Shelly Brawl Stars

Shelly is pretty much the original brawler which means it is great if she can stay right in the middle of the meta, as she is right now. Shelly has one of the most game changing supers in in Brawl Stars, but sometimes she can be weak if she doesn’t have her super up. Still, I’m happy with the place Shelly is at right now.

#17- Bull

Bull Brawl Stars

Similarly to Barley, I used to play Bull a lot when I first started playing Brawl Stars, but now I’ve changed to Darryl and El Primo more. Bull can be absolutely devastating at close range, but his super really needs some sort of rework, since it can often hurt you more than it can help you. The normal attack is perfectly good though!

#16- Rico

Rico Brawl Stars

Though the idea become Rico is really amazing, it is pretty rare when his bounce makes a game changing play. If you are able to land all of your hits as Rico though, you can end up doing a bunch of damage. His super takes this to the next level, being able to take out literally any brawler in Brawl Stars if all the bullets hit their mark.

#15- El Primo

El Primo Brawl Stars

No lie, El Primo is one of my favorite brawlers in Brawl Stars right now and I feel like he is sometimes underrated. You can camp heavily with El Primo and then burst out of the bushes and 1v1 practically any brawler in the game. His super has become somewhat off a meme, but I still think that, when used right, his super is amazing.

#14- Crow

Crow Brawl Stars

Currently, Crow is the only legendary brawler I have unlocked, and I absolutely love playing with him. Even though, he was once the undeniable worst brawler in the game, he is now a decent option for any gamemode in Brawl Stars. I’d still like to see another buff come to him, but for now we have to be happy with his spot.

#13- Brock

Brock Brawl Stars

Besides Piper, Brock is the longest range brawler in the game, but is a mile ahead of Piper. He has a more reliable attack that can deal a ton of damage if you are good at sniping. His super is also great, since it allows you to clear out a whole range of walls and brawlers if you aim and time it right. Brock is at a pretty good spot in the meta right now!

#12- Dynamike

Dynamike Brawl Stars

With the introduction of Tick, no matter how bad he is, the other throwers (Barley and Dynamike) are going to hurt a little bit. Still, Dynamike is a top tier brawler without a doubt, being the best thrower in the game. The best thing about Dynamike is that he can fit in well in any of the gamemodes in Brawl Stars which adds to versatility.

#11- Darryl

Darryl Brawl Stars

I used to hate Darryl and he was my least favorite brawler by far. However, now, Darryl is a top 5 brawler for me and I absolutely love playing with him. The roll mechanic that comes from his super takes Darryl to the next level and is so much better than Bull’s super. Plus, if you’re able to aim Darryl’s guns well, you can take down anyone!

#10- Penny

Penny Brawl Stars

There’s no doubt that Penny’s mortar is one of the most annoying supers in Brawl Stars, but there is no doubt that it is extremely effective. Add that to the reliability of Penny’s normal attack and you have a pretty decent medium range brawler. Penny can be played anywhere too, from Showdown to Heist to Gem Grab.

#9- Colt

Colt Brawl Stars

The reason why Colt is so good right now is his stream of bullets can do so much damage if you’re able to keep them all steady to take down an opponent. Colt’s super is also crazy good, being able to knock down anything in the way and unleash a ton of damage. An added plus is that Colt is one of the best brawlers in the ticketed events.

#8- Carl

Carl Brawl Stars

I think that Carl has one of the highest skill caps in Brawl Stars, but that gives him such a high ceiling if you know how to use him. The super of Carl spinning is ridiculously good and can basically take out any brawler that has below 5,000 HP. Even though Carl only has one attack, he is succeeding in every way possible.

#7- Spike

Spike Brawl Stars

I haven’t had the pleasure of unlocking Spike yet, but while playing against him I can see the power that Spike brings. The best part about Spike is that when his cactuses explode, the points go in all different directions. This means that you can hit brawlers hiding behind walls and many different brawlers at once, which brings Spike to the next level.

#6- Leon

Leon Brawl Stars

The invisibility from Leon’s super is no doubt one of the best supers in the game, giving you the ability to get away fast or launch a surprise attack. Also, at close range, Leon can really do some major damage. I love the idea of Leon and hopefully and am able to unlock him, as well as Spike, as soon as I possibly can!

#5- Pam

Pam Brawl Stars

The spray that comes from Pam, makes it almost impossible to regain health, since it seems like one of the nuts will almost always hit you, no matter where you hide. The healing turret is also amazing if you are playing in a team in Gem Grab or Bounty. Being able to heal your entire team is game changing and one of the reasons Pam is one of the best brawlers.

#4- Rosa

Rosa Brawl Stars

While Rosa is no longer as OP as she was when she was first released, she is still definitely one of the best brawlers in Brawl Stars. Her super makes her nearly impossible to kill. If you get close by, Rosa will take you out, due to her quick attack which deals a ton of damage over a few hits. She probably needs another slight nerf.

#3- Bibi

Bibi Brawl Stars

The feeling I get with Bibi is that she isn’t OP, but she is just a solid choice without need of a nerf. The home run ability from when all three of her attacks are charged is super powerful, but she can also do a wide range of damage from her regular ability. Even though she is ranked #3, I think she’s at a good spot.

#2- Gene

Gene Brawl Stars

I unlocked Gene recently and I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to play with him. He is definitely powerful, dealing good damage, even after his attack splits apart. In addition, as long as you have all three of your attacks charged, when you pulls a brawler in with your super, Gene is usually able to completely take them out.

#1- Bo

Bo Brawl Stars

I debated for a long time over which brawler I wanted #1, but I eventually went with Bo, which might be a controversial choice. Bo is one of the most versatile brawlers in the game, fitting into any gamemode. The normal attack is great, giving you power and medium range, while the super is amazing, giving you heavy bombs that can clear anything away.

That’s going to wrap it up for the July 2019 brawler power rankings for Brawl Stars. An updated version of these rankings will be out in another 3 months as the meta changes. Thanks for reading and comment below your Brawl Stars brawler rankings!

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26 thoughts on “Brawler Power Rankings for Brawl Stars (July 2019)

  1. I’m kinda shocked that Rosa wasn’t nerfed in this update, with Darryl being so overpowered Rosa has been dominating as she’s not just one of the few brawlers that can truly counter Darryl, but also goes well with him too (especially with Poco in their team). Darryl did just get nerfed, but the nerf was so small that it didn’t matter, as Rosa is still one of the best brawlers right now (or even the very best brawler)

    I do think Poco’s Da Capo needs a nerf too for the same reason: the 800 HP heal per main attack was just too much and it made Darryl and Rosa literally invincible and made the game really unfair for the opponent until someone actually managed to kill Poco, and even then none of the brawlers that truly counters Poco can actually deal with Darryl or Rosa, so they can just cover each other’s weakness, making this by far the strongest team comp in the game


  2. My new rank

    29. Jessie
    28. Tara
    27. Frank
    26. Pam
    25. Crow
    24. Nita
    23. Dynamike
    22. Rosa
    21. Shelly
    20. Bull
    19. Carl
    18. Penny
    17. Darryl
    16. El Primo
    15. Colt
    14. Mortis
    13. Barley
    12. Rico
    11. Tick
    10. Poco
    9. Leon
    8. Spike
    7. Brock
    6. Gene
    5. Bo
    4. Bibi
    3. Sandy
    2. Piper
    1. 8 Bit


  3. “His super has become somewhat off a meme”


    (Proceeds to get killed by the enemy and drop the 10 gems he was holding)


  4. My new rank

    27. Tara
    26. Frank
    25. Tick
    24. Jessie
    23. Dynamike
    22. Bull
    21. El Primo
    20. Crow
    19. Pam
    18. Darryl
    17. Rico
    16. Colt
    15. Nita
    14. Leon
    13. Carl
    12. Poco
    11. Penny
    10. Mortis
    9. Spike
    8. Bo
    7. Rosa
    6. Brock
    5. Barley
    4. Piper
    3. Gene
    2. Bibi
    1. Shelly

    NOTE: This ranking includes every brawler’s best star power


  5. I already believed that Pam was ranked too high even before all new star powers are released, she was a mid tier brawler in my opinion back then in my eyes due to the fact she struggled against the disgusting meta of Gene, Carl and Rosa (ugh that was probably the absolute worst meta we ever had), and when they got nerfed, Bibi reigned supreme which doesn’t help that much.

    Now, she was a low mid/ low tier brawler thanks to the fact she continued to struggle against Bibi and Gene as well as Shelly and Piper’s completely broken star power

    Poco’s new star power was the nail of the coffin why I called Pam as low as a low tier brawler right now, as Poco has gained much more versatility due to the fact his low damage issue was covered by his new star power, he just seemed to outshine Pam in a majority of the game modes just like how Pam outshined him during her dominance


  6. Poco should be top 15 because he has high win rate(i don’t say he is good at showdown but the stats told it S tier) and I know he’s lacking in damage


  7. Poco should be at least top 15. Although he is the worst damage brawler, poco is S tier on solo based on brawl stats that is supposed to be B or C. And in fact, he is S tier overall by stats and many player can play him very well. Based on the current meta, poco is getting worse and needs a buff.


  8. Nita should be #1 her win rate is the highest(average) based on brawl stats and she is so annoying in heist and showdown and with her hyper bear. Supercell nerf her pls


    • Not necessarily, since it will make it more accurate and you could hit a brawler with more than one bomb at once, which is what it is now


  9. Here’s my ranking based on how much I like every brawler

    27. Leon
    26. Dynamike
    25. Shelly
    24. Bull
    23. Jessie
    22. Gene
    21. Rico
    20. Tara
    19. Barley
    18. Tick
    17. Pam
    16. Rosa
    15. El Primo
    14. Brock
    13. Piper
    12. Carl
    11. Frank
    10. Nita
    9. Penny
    8. Mortis
    7. Spike
    6. Bo
    5. Colt
    4. Poco
    3. Crow
    2. Bibi
    1. Darryl


  10. Interesting…. shows how much different our opinions are! But, considering the fact that some brawlers have their 2nd star powers and some haven’t yet, I think that’s why poor Piper and Tick are at the bottom (even though I found Tick to be really good)

    But for now, here’s my personal top 10:

    10. Bo
    9. Barley (good without star power, even better with it)
    8. Spike
    7. Leon (although I’d expect him to be ranked even higher with his new invisiheal star power)
    6. Gene
    5. Rocket No. 4 Brock (so much versatility added with 4th ammo for Brock!)
    4. Carl
    3. Rosa
    2. Band Aid Shelly (god this new star power is broken)
    1. Bibi


    • I don’t really take star powers into account that much since so few players have them unlocked. Piper definitely needs that buff though!!


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