Clash Royale November 2019 Update Release Notes

Clash Royale suddenly revealed an update for November 2019, bringing with it a new card named the battle healer, new balance changes, and changes to more gamemodes. Here’s everything that was added in the November 2019 update to Clash Royale!

Clash Royale November 2019 Update

Clash Royale November Update


All games are now 5 MINUTES LONG, instead of 6!

Overtime now lasts for 2 minutes instead of 3, and includes x3 Elixir generation in the last minute.

Elixir Changes To Other Game Modes

Double/Triple Elixir

  • 5 mins instead of 6 mins

Sudden Death

Length extended 3 minutes > 5 minutes

  • 2 mins of x2 Elixir

  • 3 mins of x3 Elixir

Ramp Up

Each minute increases the Elixir generation

  • 1 min = x1 Elixir

  • 2 min = x2 Elixir

  • 3 min = x3 Elixir

  • 4 min = x4 Elixir

  • 5 min = x5 Elixir

Spawn Modes (Hog Rush etc.)

  • 1 min = x1 Elixir

  • 2 & 3 min = x2 Elixir

  • 4 & 5 min = x3 Elixir


We are adding Area Damage back to Witch, and reverting the changes we made to Executioner. Read more about these changes here.

We are also reworking Arrows to function slightly differently, making them slightly more powerful! Read the full changes below.


  • Fires in 3 waves instead of 1 (0.4sec total)

  • Damage +23%


  • Hitpoints: +5%

  • Hit Speed: +4%

  • Range: Increased (4 – 5 > 4.5 – 6.5)

  • Projectile Radius: +25% (800 -> 1000)

  • Damage: -45%


  • Added Area Damage to attacks

  • Damage: -49%

  • Hit Speed: +35% (1.7sec > 1.1sec)


We have given our card info screens a makeover!

Card Previews

  • See how a card looks and plays within the Arena

  • The card preview shows a few clear examples of how and how NOT to use a card

More Stats

  • We now have more space for stats, and will be adding more in-depth information to these card screens

Card Imagery

  • Enjoy new artwork of your favorite characters! More art to card info screens over time for those that don’t have any



Banned cards:

  • Hog Rider

  • Royal Hogs

  • Ram Rider

  • Freeze


  • Each player now receives one ‘fast runner’ (e.g Hog Rider) and one ‘big runner’ (e.g Giant)


  • Added Royal Hogs to Arena 7 reward node

  • Added Heal to Arena 10 reward node

  • Added Elixir Golem to Arena 11 reward node


  • Victory Gold rewards now remain consistent with Arena

  • Death Damage no longer damages Towers in Tiebreakers

  • Updated text localization for card info screens

  • Updated Triple Draft info text

  • Fixed super annoying notification after unlocking a Tower Skin

  • Fixed some UI layer sizing issues

  • Fixed a number of crashes

  • Bug that allowed wrong card to be selected and played now fixed. We did it Reddit!

  • Player hand now load cards & responds faster

  • Mirror effect added to make it clear that a unit is a mirrored version

  • (BETA) Added Creator Boost support for Supercell Creators (e.g YouTubers who make Clash Royale content). A percentage of In App Purchases made in the Shop while supporting a Creator will go directly to that Creator!

That’s everything for the November update. I think that we can hope for an even bigger update for the December update that should be coming in a few weeks. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this update!

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