New Scattershot Defense in Clash of Clans December Update

The new defense for Town Hall 13 has been announced and it is the scattershot! The scattershot is a splash damage dealing defense that targets both air and ground troops. Here’s everything that we know about the new scattershot defense!

Scattershot Defense

The scattershot is basically a catapult, which has the ability to target both air and ground troops. You can see this new defense as a nerf to the ever popular LavaLoon attack strategy, as it can easily counter hordes of balloons.

The scattershot acts sort of like a bowler, with a splash back effect that can damage troops well outside of its initial range. This will do a lot for spreading troops to not appear directly behind the scattershot!

Scattershot Defense Town Hall 13 Clash of ClansOne big thing to note with the scattershot is that you will be able to buy TWO scattershots at Town Hall 13. This makes it equivalent to the inferno tower unlocked at TH10. It will be able to help you space your base a bit better and have a more complete coverage with the scattershots.

Scattershot Statistics Clash of Clans Update

Here are the statistics for a level 1 scattershot. The damage per second is 150, which is about double of a maxed-out inferno tower on multi-target mode. Currently, the scattershot can only be upgraded to level 2, but there will probably be additional levels coming, especially once *Town Hall 14* is released!

I really think that the scattershot is a neat defense, with a whole bunch of defending capability, especially about spam attacks. There are still more sneak peeks to come regarding Town Hall 13, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the scattershot!

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