Road to Maxing TH8 (Elixir Buildings)

So I’ve already told you the upgrade process for defenses and for troops at Town Hall 8. Today, I will tell you exactly what to upgrade with your elixir. This is assuming you have maxed TH7.

1. Dark Elixir Drill to 3- This is, for sure, the most important upgrade you can do at TH8. This is your only source of DE besides DE raiding so therefore your Barbarian King depends on it.

2. Barracks to 10- It is extremely nice having 75 troop queue space. This will not only make training barch much faster, but also war armies since you can train more troops at one time.

3. Dark Barracks to 4- Once again, this makes training troop much faster since you don’t have to check back in. The biggest plus is unlocking golems, which you can use in GoWiPe.

4. Dark Elixir Storage to 4- Kinda pointless, since you probably will never hold 80k DE at TH8. However, having a greater storage capacity means you lose less DE when you are zapped.

5. Gold Storages to 11- You need to be able to hold 6 million gold. When you upgrade to Town Hall 9 you will need full storages in you want to buy two X-Bows right off the bat.

After you have done all of these start upgrading your walls. With a recent update, walls have been becoming increasingly easier to upgrade since you can upgrade them with elixir. Once again, after you have upgraded all these, start working on walls. Good luck with maxing Town Hall 8!

How to Max TH8: Troops | Defenses

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